Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs is a life enhancement course with a wonderful Tribe of like-minded women on the same path as you. This is the beginning of your true transformation,  with a program and support system designed to work seamlessly into your life.

This is a huge sisterhood of goddesses from all over the country. Meet up in person at the next Inner Goddess Retreat in Texas or in Hawaii! Easily develop a strong, personal relationship with your Tribe, your Orientation Coach and your Director.

 Do this course for the certification… or join our Tribe for the personal growth, self care and accountability. This may be exactly what you were seeking all along.


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Let’s Do this, Goddess

Are you ready to start your journey of transformation? Apply for a spot in this course today. Give back to your highest Self. We are accepting a limited number of women per each enrollment period.

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Enroll and begin your yoga journey!  Live the life of your dreams! Start your Self Care! Enhance your Self Love practice! Meet and connect with the Goddess Tribe today!

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Apply now! When accepted you will Receive 4 OMAZING BONUS GIFTS with your Tuition:

  • Yoga 4 Love Inner Goddess Texas Retreat  ($333 toward registration! Includes 40 Hands On Hours.)
  • Reiki Certification: Includes 12 Hands On Hours at the Workshop + Attunement Ceremony (Level 1 or 2, optional, held the day before Inner Goddess Retreat and throughout the year.)
  • Hawaii Yoga 4 Love Retreat at a huge discount 
  • 1 Free Lifestyle Consultation with our Team Y4L Staff MD and Ayurvedic Coach

Online Certification Teacher Training 2020

Enrollment periods 2020:

  • April 1

  • June 1

  • August 1

  • September 15

  • November 16 (New Moon)

  • January 1, 2021


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Apply NOW!

Limited spaces in each enrollment period available



The program is available to you 24/7/365 


Connect LIVE with your sisterhood cOMmunity and the Yoga 4 Love Global Goddess Tribe.

 We have 2 Tracks, you may choose from:

  • Fast Track (6 months, a module a month)

  • Slow and Steady (1 year, a module every 2 months).

    Each Track has:

  • 6 required modules

  • 18 hours of lessons

  • hOMework form the Syllabus for each module

  • Required reading

  • Personal daily practice hours

    Super simple to fit into your life!

    Complete your lessons on the website, do your practice, chat with the Tribe + fill in your Student Log and turn it in weekly!

    Sabbaticals are available; medical, family and work or special circumstances.





Yoga 4 Love is a Yoga Alliance

Registered Yoga School RYS 200 and RYS 500

Training Application:


Why Do My Yoga Training Online with Yoga 4 Love?

  • Chat with your siSTARs daily (off social media)
  • Be you!
  • Commune with like minded ladies!
  • Do life with your Goddess Tribe!
  • Develop a strong Self Care and Self Love practice!


  • Personal feedback regularly from your Director
  • Student log turned in weekly (super easy)
  • Progress on your practice with tons of included audio and video
  • Daily Sadhana accountability
  • Required reading, learn from the masters
  • Website Training platform + Online Classroom


  • LIVE Streaming Video Classes with Lisa Ware
  • LIVE workshops, festivals, conferences + events
  • Video Chat Sangha Community~ for weekly shares, yoga programming and bonding as a tribe of Sisters
  • Trainee internships with Director~ available and included, optional

Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs and ONE YOGA USA is a 200 and 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

Yoga 4 Love Online Training Program + Inner Goddess Retreats is a lifestyle enhancement journey with a special focus on Vinyasa Yoga, the Divine Feminine Shakti and Energy Healing.


Training Application:


Get certified to teach with Yoga 4 Love Online!

Let's do this, Goddess! It is time to go live your dream!

No Prerequisites Necessary

The Yoga 4 Love Course includes:

  • Foundational Modules 1-6

  • 2 Tracks
    • Fast 6 Months (one module per month)
    • Slow + Steady 1 Year (one module every other month)
  • End Date 1 Year for Graduation
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School RYS 200, RYS 500(must complete all Extra Credit + Hands On Hours to apply)
  • Course held on website
  • Private Client Area for Communication
  • Teachings directly from Lisa Ware and her Directors

  • Lisa’s Book Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body, and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle: ORDER HERE

  • Audio Modules

  • Online hOMework

  • Live Video Classes, Lisa Ware’s YouTube

  • Partnership + Accountability with your Goddess Tribe!!!

  • Self Love as a first priority

  • Graduation Online or at the next Retreat!

Course Overview

This course is designed to take you from a beginner or any stage of your practice to a fully accredited yoga teacher within 6 months to a year.

Special focus on Daily Self Care/ Self Love routine (Sadhana) that you will utilize for the rest of your life. 

Yoga 4 Love is a Life Enhancement Course! Enjoy the journey of Self discovery. Become a part of the GLOBAL GODDESS TRIBE!


200 Hour Online Course:

  • Audio lessons, Required Reading, and hOMework
  • Daily Practice of Self Care, Sadhana
  • Yoga Practice, Unlimited Access Audio
  • Videos with Lisa Ware on YouTube
  • Goddess Tribe LIVE Chats held via Weekly Sangha
  • LIVE STREAM classes
  • Facebook Group, Private with Online Trainees
  • Facebook Group, Private with Global Goddess Tribe
  • 4 Quarterly Chats with Director on Video Chat
  • Accountability Partner with an Enrollment Goddess
  • Getting Started Orientation with the Goddess Tribe

No Prerequisites

  • No yoga practice necessary
  • All levels can take this course
  • Very beginner to advanced practitioner
  • Heal yourself and help others!
  • No need to desire to teach yoga, do this for YOU!

Start your Yoga 4 Love Training journey today!

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Course Curriculum


  • History of Yoga | The Yoga Sutras
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Asanas 101, 201, 301
  • Lisa Ware’s Signature Vinyasa Flow Sequencing 101, 201 and 301
  • Lisa Ware’s Signature Class Formats Yoga 101, 201, 301
  • Hatha Yoga Asanas 101b and c | Communication and the Business of Yoga
  • Goddess Archetypes and Empowerment
  • Basic Anatomy and Alignment 101
  • Teaching to Special Populations: Kids, Seniors, Injury Recovery, Pre and Post Natal
  • Cueing, Sequencing, Video Teaching
  • The Chakras
  • Cueing and Video Teaching
  • Sanskrit Basics
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Daily Sadhana Practice and Focus on Self Care
  • Journaling Exercises

Course Modules

History of Yoga | Hatha Asanas 101 | Signature Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing 101
Hatha Yoga Asanas 101b and c | Communication and the Business of Yoga
Lisa Ware’s Signature Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing 201 | Hatha Asanas 201
Basic Anatomy and Alignment 101 | Teaching to Special Populations: Kids, Seniors, Injury Recovery, Pre and Post Natal
Signature Class Formats, Cueing and Video Teaching with Lisa Ware, Reiki Master Teacher


Do you have questions about getting started? We are happy to help.

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