Yoga 4 Love Training Program FAQs


How is Yoga Training Shifting in these changing times and how is Yoga 4 Love meeting this new standard? How are we implementing change in how we show up online?

We offer a comprehensive and strong curriculum built specifically for online training, and we have perfected our course to create an OMAZING trainee experience, since we began offering online training in 2015, (well before Corona). We were already so far ahead of the curve, as with any collegiate level course. We believe an online curriculum must have a personalized connection above all, then focus on strong accountability. It must have a grading platform and a space for doing hands on hours which are supervised (video or otherwise) by a 500 RYT.
Plus, we offer the opportunity for supervised online student teaching, overseen demo/assisting online, and a student internship to help you excel in the Yoga Industry. These are all a MUST to keep the credibility and integrity of the teachings, all while offering it in a new and virtual way. There will be many creative ways to reach students, some will be effective, some will be really poorly produced, and sad for the student who doesn’t know what they are signing up for!
The program that is offered by each school must be upheld with the utmost integrity from each individual Director. We cannot depend on a particular “outside organization” to keep the integrity of the ancient teachings.

Most corporations are mainly concerned with their bottom line. As yoga teacher trainers and school directors, it is up to us as a community to keep the credibility and the lineage intact through this shift in how the teachings are transmitted.
We at Yoga 4 Love One Yoga USA are bringing yoga to the 21st century woman, and here at Yoga 4 Love we actually have it in our Mission Statement.
We have Directors for our school that have achieved their RYT 500 and ERYT 500, and several of our Executive Directors have a Mastery of 10K hours of teaching, it is those of us who are fully committed to this Sacred Path that must bring the lineage and the wisdom forward to the next generation as we transition into this Ascension. We are the keepers of the knowledge and it is our duty to make sure these teachings stay true, no matter how they are learned. 


When does your online teacher training take place and how does someone sign up?

We have open enrollment periods for trainees to begin together with other like minded women,however you can start at any time. Our training program has a few Start Dates each quarter, and you can begin with the next class virtually. You can do a Fast Track 6 month or Slow + Steady 12 month journey. Book a Discovery Chat with the Director and one of our Coaches. 


The online yoga teaching world is shifting very quickly due to this pandemic. What are you offering as a Yoga Training that is NOT just video chatting with students and downloading PDF’s? 

We are fully Online via our app and Collegiate level school 24/7/365; Audio and Video Classes are available at your convenience, Livestream classes with Director, Virtual Retreats, In Person Retreats and Reiki Certifications are included in tuition!  We offer personal accountability in a Goddess Tribe Group with your own Class. This is a Live Chat with your personal Coaching Group, overseen by your own coach. We also offer many weekly LIVE Online Classes and Video chats.

General Yoga Questions

What do I wear to yoga? (ladies)

Loose Capri or thin pants with elastic waist, (not sweats)

Tank top or fitted shirt that wont ride up and expose tummy or fall over face when in forward fold or down dog (regular Tee shirts ride up and show the belly)

Layers! A long sleeve or zipper light jacket so you can easily peel that off if you get warmed up, no hoodies, the hood falls forward and gets in the way when inverted

What do I wear to yoga? (guys)

Tank top or fitted shirt that wont ride up or fall over face when in forward fold or down dog (regular Tee shirts show the belly)

Moisture wicking fabric is a plus

Long shorts that are not too loose

Yoga pants- no sweats

Practice yoga barefoot

No gum, please

No cell phones in the studio

No wearing ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ (really, we had to put that out there haha)

What do I bring to yoga?

An open mind!

Mat- a yoga non-skid mat, ¼ or 1/8” mat is best. Thick foamy mats are not great for balance or standing postures. The studio has mats to borrow or purchase.

Water- not ice cold, espscially for Hot Yoga; our core temperature gets up and cold water may cramp the stomach or cause the body to work harder to get the water back up to body temp

Towel; small you will SWEAT! Ahhhhh!

Blocks, Strap (these may be borrowed or purchased from studio)

I dont have a mat, do you have a mat to borrow?

Yes, however we encourage you to purchase your own mat after attending a class or two.

Do you have Yoga Towels?

We offer FREE usage of a hand towel for yoga practice and mat cleaner for use after your practice.

What is Contribution based Yoga?

Gratuity Based or ‘Love Donation’ based yoga is a service offered for a regular studio membership based on the recurring amount you can pay every month. It is on auto pay, and we ask that you select an option that resonates with you, and gives back to the studio.


Ok so, now here are a few questions from the ‘devil’s advocate’ beginner yogi

Yoga is mostly for women, right?

Actually, yoga is for everyone!

You will find all ages, ability levels, men, women, teens and baby boomers in classes at Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin. We have a staff of qualified instructors that teach to YOU, so you can find your perfect pose in YOUR body on your mat. Yoga is a personal practice and our team will assist you every step of the way in your goals and dreams. Yoga started with men thousands of years ago.

What about getting cardio, you can’t get your heart rate up in yoga, right?

The asana is the yoga pose. You will be led through a flowing series of poses linked together in a sequence with focus on the breath. During a Vinyasa practice you will find much of the class moving on the mat one breath per pose. This will raise your heart rate and burn a lot of calories. Also, many of the poses that are held have many options and modifications.

If you choose to find your edge and take your pose to the best of your ability that day, then you will get your heart rate up as much as if you just ran a mile!

We also offer Zumba classes for the days when you want to come and have a great time dancing, plus burn a bunch of calories!

So, yoga is just standing or sitting on a mat, breathing?

In the West yoga is seen as solely a fitness program, but actually the asana (poses) are just one of the eight branches of a full yoga practice. Breath work, or Pranayama is another of the branches of yoga, and an integral part of many of our yoga classes at Dynamic Yoga 4 Love.

So how can I lose weight in yoga, don’t you just sit there and meditate?

No, yoga is a practice of moving the body and also focusing. The types of yoga offered at Dynamic Yoga 4 Love are Hatha and Vinyasa and Baptiste. All of these yoga classes are designed for strength, relaxation, balance, detoxification, sweating and having fun. We also teach to a great play list of music!

Yoga is too hard, can I come to class if I am not physically fit or skinny?

Of course you can come to class, we all begin somewhere and there will be other beginners in the class. We have many classes suited for all levels. If you have not been active lately look for the classes with 101 in the title!

I’m so stressed. Do you have mediation classes? I can’t seem to get my mind to stop!

We do offer meditation; this is a separate class entirely from the yoga schedule. Learning to meditate is a practice. We offer guided meditation classes and also do have some guided meditation at the end of Lisa’s yoga classes, too. You will immediately feel relief. With a daily practice of just 3-5 minutes, there are researched and proven long term health benefits including lower blood pressure, less disease, more thoughts of joy, peace and learning to live in the present moment. Simply breathe, feel and let go are some of the greatest techniques you can learn for your mind/ body/ spirit connection.

Dude, don’t I have to get in shape so I can start doing yoga?

If you start doing yoga you WILL get in shape!!! To start exactly where you’re today. The great thing is about Yoga is it’s a gradual and permanent change your body, as well as a lifestyle.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Pilates is all mat based and has no standing postures. Yoga has standing, sitting, supine, prone and inversions. Pilates is really great for building the core. Yoga builds the core, as well as giving a cardio workout in the Vinyasa class style. Both practices are mind/body oriented.

Is there any conflict between my religion and yoga?

Only if you think there is. Yoga incorporates the attention onto something greater than yourself, if that appeals to you. There is absolutely no religion involved in any of the practices.


Can I bring my kids to class?

We do allow kids 8 and up as long as they participate and are good, not a distraction to you or others. The child will need to have their own profile created, just like you upon sign in to class. Yoga 4 Love Studio must have a signed release at the front desk. Drop in rates apply to all guests.

We don’t recommend hot classes for kids, but teens can do hot yoga as long as they are in good health.

Smaller children under 8 usually don’t do well for the whole class, but can come to class until they’re tired or wait in the lobby with a book or game.

Do you have child care?

We don’t have child care, so it’s the parent’s responsibility to keep an eye on your children. We don’t recommend children in the studio with the class if they’re not participating.

Toddlers and preschoolers and young children need someone else to watch them during the entire class so you, the parent, can ENJOY your time at the studio. Please DO NOT leave them in the lobby without your babysitter.

For any other questions you may have feel free to Contact Us or book your free Discovery Chat today!