You may choose to graduate at an upcoming Texas or Hawaii retreat or you may graduate online.
See the Graduation Info below!

On retreat you will experience sisterhood with the amazing tribe of goddesses going through this training with you. We focus on learning in depth about Holistic wellness, the yoga business, Reiki, Ayurveda, crystal and sound healing, partner yoga and much more. At retreat we integrate all we learn in the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs, as well as also do deep practice in asana. Daily we have classes and meditations in nature, by the waterfall or ocean, for a fun addition to the curriculum. See the Retreat page for full details.

Schedule an interview with Director for questions on your yoga training journey.


The moment you have been waiting for in your Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs is just around the corner!

Upon course completion you may also choose to hold your Graduation Ceremony on a Yoga 4 Love Inner Goddess, a Hawaii Yoga 4 Love All Inclusive Retreat or online with your Sisterhood Tribe on Video chat at one of our weekly Sanghas!

Contact Hours

Internship, Included and Totally Optional

Take up your Internship for Hands On experience and/or if you intend to apply for 200 RYT on Yoga Alliance.
  • Supervised by a Y4L Director 500RYT
  • Internship at Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio
  • Intern with Y4L approved Director
  • Intern with a Y4L Affiliate sister studio

Required Extra Hours:

16 Hands On hours each:

  • Live Classes in Studio with Director or a Y4L approved 500 RYT
  • Demo/Assist Classes for a Y4L approved 500 RYT
  • Student Teaching with a Y4L approved 500 RYT
  • SEVA Karma Community classes
  • May begin after completion of Module 3 with approval from Director
Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin is in north Texas and you may intern there by contacting Lisa Ware.
All audio, video and streaming classes online and local classes in studio are included in tuition.