Healthy Living Tribe

Group support and Private Coaching for Health, Nutrition with a focus on Mind, Body, and Spirit led by Lisa Ware.

  1. Join the Tribe on FaceBook: ‘Feeling Fit Healthy Living Tribe’ button below.

  2. Begin by downloading the free ebook 21 Days to Feeling Fit on our website and start your journey for free! Start with a simple cleanse for an 11 Day cranberry detox and begin to clean out your pantry.

  3. Watch the One Week video below for what to buy at the grocery store. The Feeling Fit eBook has a great reference for Whole Foods Eating and Shopping Guide.

  4. Next join the Shred 10 movement! This is a plan to join like-minded friends on an elimination plan.

Grocery Shopping Guide for One Week Clean Eating, Meal Plan + Motivation


Are you ready to find your TRIBE? Looking for a group of like-minded people? Join us on Facebook!

Or do you want someone who can coach you and encourage you toward your goals as a strong leader?

Let us help you! Book a Discovery Session!

Our private coaching programs start with a free Discovery coaching call to simply learning about you, your journey and your goals. We help equip you with tools to get healthy, mentally clear and help you reach your goals. We offer tools to find ways to help you be empowered to make home cooked meals. We give you solutions and ideas to help implement a lifestyle of more fruits, veggies and foods in all the colors of the rainbow into your lifestyle!

We would love to partner with you to achieve your health goals!

Two ways to participate:

So simple:

Download the Free eBook 21 Days to Feeling Fit


  • Get invited to join the private 21 Day FaceBook group

  • Be inspired with like minded people in the Healthy Living Tribe

Do you want to jump in to begin a healthy lifestyle and not sure where to begin?

Join our accountability group on FaceBook! Receive TONS of free support, recipes and many resources in the FILES section downloads:

  • Whole food eating and shopping guide
  • Clean eating recipes for whole food eating
  • Meal plan
  • Big book of smoothie recipes
  • Y4L Mind, Body, Spirit Tracker
  • Smoothie recipes
  • 21 Days to Feeling Fit Guidebook and more!

Next, book your free Discovery Session with Lisa Ware!

21 Days to Feeling Fit Mind, Body, and Spirit eBook by Lisa Ware

Want results?

Coaching to get healthy the RIGHT way?

Want to stay on target?

Ready to stop dieting?

Ready to and start living life to the fullest?

Let’s do this!

Download the 21 Days to Feeling Fit Free eBook

Recipes, tips, self care and more!

Start the eBook and receive a free clean eating nutrition plan and tons of healthy recipes. Get mind, body Spirit tools for daily living and techniques on intention setting, meditation, movement and a tracking sheet.




The first 11 days of the 21 days you will need:

  • Ingredients for the Cranberry Cleanse Drink

    • 100% Pure Cranberry Juice, the kind that you cannot see through

    • Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

    • Real Organic Lemons

    • Pure Water

    • Healthy Food

    • Eat clean meals and smoothies and healthy snacks

  • NEXT do the Shred 10

  • Watch the Shred 10 Intro video

  • Order your Juice Plus

    • 2 Complete Shakes a day, this is a plant based whole food smoothie to get in all your  macronutrients. It is non GMO, 13g protein, 8g fiber, low glycemic

    • Place Complete Order HERE or LEARN MORE

    • It is available in packs of 60 sachets or large pouches of 15 scoops.

    • Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla or Variety Pack

    • You can pay in full $127 for 60

    • You can break into 4 monthly installments of $33.25

    • It arrives in about 5 days to your door

For the 10 days  you will do the Shred 10

No Gluten

No Dairy

No Caffeine

No Sugar

No Processed Foods

No Alcohol

Start on a Monday, it’s only one weekend! You can do this!

Do a Jumpstart for your family! 

Healthy Living tribe Next Steps

Healthy Living tribe FAQ’s

If you are serious and ready to do the 21 Day Mind, Body, and Spirit program please request to join our private coaching group here on Facebook