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Goddess, is it time to step into your power?! Is it time for more Self Care, Self Love and time to connect with your very own Goddess Tribe? Grab Your Heartfelt Gifts and begin your journey today!

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Dear Goddess,

I’m going to be totally honest, a truth bomb here… I don’t always think about being grateful for my life. I have days when sometimes I feel tired, overwhelmed and frozen.  

I have every reason to be so appreciative of my life. I am super blessed with a handsome hubby who loves and supports me and my every endeavor, 2 beautiful kids (who are almost grown!), a piece of sacred land to hold space for our family and Inner Goddess Retreats in Texas and a deed to land in Hawaii! I run my own business, and have done so since 2008. Within this time, I have created my way and found the ability to walk my path in life and live fully in my Truth. I get to be of service daily by sharing my tools of yoga globally and intimately with my Goddess Tribe, through my Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs. 

However, it was not always this way. I was a tired stay at home mom looking for my purpose. I am human, just like you, too, and I was an over-thinker, I strived to overcome not being perfect all the time, I held myself to super high standards, and yes, there were days and still are, that I simply don’t take forward action. It is at these moments that I have trained myself to literally pull my head out of the clouds and do SOMETHING… ANYTHING to move me in the direction of my Life Purpose. This is where my Tools come in. I may do my Affirmations, I may do some yoga, I may meditate, or simply just make time to go outside in nature. Most importantly I do not hide anymore, and I reach out to my Goddess Tribe. 

Today, I AM sharing my Tools with you, starting with my Free Heartfelt Bonus Gift:

  • Chakra Affirmations, a done for you PDF

  • [VIDEO] Goddess Priestess Warrior Flow, filmed live at a very powerful festival. 

These practices which I am sharing have helped pop me out of the ‘old tapes’ in my head, re-groove my habits and get me into a space of Love, Joy and Gratitude. Staying in the frequency of gratitude is the key to success, and this is just the beginning, lovely lady! 

The fastest way to TAKE ACTION is through Self Care, Self Love and Manifestation! This is the fuel to create the life you dream and deserve. Begin by using the Tools that I am giving you here in my Free Gifts. Then apply the discipline of daily Self Love, Quiet Time and Self Care. Finally, and combining that with taking your own ‘Next Steps’.

With this process my life has led me OMAZING places! In the last year I published and launched my bestselling book, grew my reach to more than 18,000+ around the world, collaborated with top corporations, led a destination retreat in Hawaii, held the Largest Free Yoga Class in Dallas, Texas and so much more! Now Team Yoga 4 Love and I am on target to triple our reach! This work blesses my life, and you who are in it with a sense of sisterhood and fulfillment. I want to help you find your passion, purpose and potential in the World. Start now by grabbing my Free Gifts!


The keys are:

LISTENING to the Universe.

ENVISIONING my Dream Life daily with emotion.

TAKING ACTION in the positive direction with alignment of where I want to take your life.

Join me in these simple practices.

Let’s start Now! 


~Grab your Free Heartfelt Bonus Gift~

  • BONUS Goddess Chakra Affirmations PDF, Done for you!
  • BONUS Goddess Priestess Warrior Flow Video Workshop with me, Lisa Ware filmed LIVE! 

By clicking I’M IN you will have the opportunity to go deeper into your practice with your Self Care, Self Love and connection to your Goddess Tribe. 

It is my greatest honor to help you to take action so you can begin or continue to live a life of appreciation, to create the life of your dreams and bring your visions into manifestation. We are all in this together and I am so thankful.

It’s ALL About SISTERHOOD and our Goddess Tribe.

I really want you to get to be a part of this Goddess Energy and these OMAZING women! Start with your FREE Bonus Gifts, take the free Goddess Priestess Warrior Flow Yoga workshop and DIVE IN with your Chakra Affirmations TODAY!

This is the perfect gift to compliment my book, Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle. 


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This is the recipe to tapping into our Divine Feminine, the Angelic Connection and truly creating the life you want and deserve.

You’ll learn how to make the time for YOU that is necessary, to learn to listen to the Truth and then TAKE ACTION to apply the skills in creating and manifesting the life you want.

SAY YES~ To that life you see in your heart. This life is VERY REAL, and just waiting on you to remove the roadblocks to make it manifest.

Let’s do this, Goddess!

I’m inviting you to join me.

Start today with a commitment to becoming the best version of you that YOU can be!

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Let’s Do this, Goddess! 

Peace, Love + Light~

Lisa Ware

Visionary Vixen

Exec. Director

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