Team Yoga 4 Love Mission Statement:

Yoga 4 Love provides encouragement, coaching, and support for our students, guests and members. We focus on the whole you; Mind, Body and Spirit in a safe, secure, non-intimidating environment where we can achieve whatever we dream. Team Yoga 4 Love is committed to the highest level of professionalism and service. We encourage a spirit of community and enthusiasm that is contagious. We believe we have the best instructors, teachers and staff. 

Let us amaze you, and you will amaze yourself!

Lisa Aiylah Yoga 4 Love

Visionary Vixen

Executive Director Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs + Inner Goddess Retreats


Jamie ‘Takata’ Ray
VP Inner Goddess Retreats


500 RYT

Reiki Master Teacher

Inner Goddess Retreats Executive Board Of Directors

Vice President Temple of the Sacred Heart

Coach Follow Your Path Mentorship & Mastermind, Soul Coaching + Lifestyle Training

Ceremony Facilitator/Shamanic Practitioner Jamie Ray is an intuitive empathic visionary, DJ, massage therapist, yoga teacher and sound shaman. Her massage and yoga journey began in the early 2000s. Through many years of practice on a self healing journey, she holds a deep understanding of how we hold traumas within our bodies and how to release them. When we quiet the mind and listen to our body, it tells us what it needs. When we listen to our heart it guides us where to go. When we release our tension, stress, fear, pain and trauma, we are free to follow our heart’s guidance, thus embodying and becoming our highest version of self.

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Amanda Leduc
Team Y4L Coach

Fitness Yoga Mindset Coach

Life after 40 is , , & !! It’s time for self-love, fearless action and dream chasing. Let’s do this togetherI wonder if you might want to be part of this, too. Maybe, you are where I was a year ago…
Let me ask… Are you looking for that deep sister connect? Are you a yoga freak or wellness nerd? Are you wanting to feel like you belong?
Y4L Teacher Training program is so much more than Warrior Flows and shoulder stands (while those are fun) It’s an opportunity to find what lights you up, what feeds your soul and your greater calling. The relationships I’ve cultivated with my fellow trainees have straight up made me a better person, a better friend, a better woman… And it all translates into ultimately becoming a badass teacher!

Deepa Patel MD
Ayurvedic Counselor + Team Y4L Coach

RYT500, Coach on Team Y4L

Vaidhya Deepa Patel, MD is an Alternative Medical and Ayurvedic Practitioner.  She is an insightful Vedic counselor with a passion for attainment for holistic health and wellness for clients of all age group and specialized in Lifestyle Medicine.  She provides a holistic approach to medicine, her philosophy of healing revolves around Diet, Yoga Meditation, Detoxification, Nutrition, and effective Stress Management.  She is dedicated to employing restorative and techniques to increase your longevity and quality of life. She designs a unique combination of strategies that will be tailored to your individual needs to increase your health and wellness and let you gain control of your health.

Alana Connelly
Retreats, Board of Directors

E-RYT 500

Reiki Master Teacher

Inner Goddess Retreats Executive Board Of Directors

I am absolutely so excited to be on this journey.  Although, it has been a deep dive into Self Discovery I am truly blessed to be where I am.  After going through a devastating tragedy I found myself lost and did not know where to turn. I looked deep into what I wanted and where I wanted to be in my life. Months later I found myself in yoga teacher training in Bali. My teacher training was life changing! I found my calling to reach out and help people going through life changes.
I live in one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado and I have 3 dogs and 2 cats (I am still a Certified Veterinary Technologist). I travel as much as I can and have seen some of the most amazing places & met some of the most beautiful people. I am truly blessed.
I also have an integrative healing practice that I absolutely love! This practice allows me to reach out and help people on a deeper level, helping them heal their body, mind, & soul.  I hope that you join me on this journey to discover the amazing, happy, and beautiful you that you are!

Autumn Lee
IT/Orientation Goddess

500 RYT

Team Y4L Coach and Admin Team

Inner Goddess Retreats Executive Board Of Directors

Crystal Child
Reiki Master
500 Hour RYT
Yoga Teacher

Eden Santos
Team Y4L Marketing

200 RYT

Team Y4L Marketing + Assistant Director of Trainees

Inner Goddess Retreats Executive Board Of Directors

Franchise Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs

Yoga Instructor
Reiki Practitioner
Offering Slow Flow Vinyasa – Thursdays at 9:15am CST

Crystal Colibri (Hummingbird)
Team Y4L Manager

Team Y4L Manager

Inner Goddess Retreats Executive Board Of Directors

I am loving awareness

Guiding Goddess ♧
Movement meditation artist
Reiki Lvl 1 • 2
Cacao ♡

Lisa Aiylah Farrell-Ware


Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs Exec. Director

Inner Goddess Retreats President

Temple of the Sacred Heart Church

🌱Medicine Woman 🕉️ 200/500 RYT Training, 🔥Coach ❤️Reiki🧘‍♀️Inner Goddess Retreats🍄Ceremony 💙 Heartfelt Gift ⬇️

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