Lisa Ware’s book Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body, and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle hit the shelves on summer solstice 2018 and made its way to the top of the charts, ranking at the .0015 percent out of 8M books! Attend an upcoming event or book a lecture/sorkshop for your audience!

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Join Lisa in fun and interactive lectures and workshops on Mindfulness + Holistic Living as she takes you on a path to less stress and a healthy lifestyle. She will share applicable tools which she has discovered, learned and developed on her life long journey through her passions: being in nature; plant based nutrition and clean eating; practicing yoga, energy work and meditation.Lisa incorporates a daily practice of quiet time and mindfulness. She utilizes many techniques, many of which she will share with you in the workshop. You can utilize these tools while preparing food, meditating and in yoga, as well as in the every day moments in all your roles of daily life. Whether you are a mom, dad, pet owner, daughter, co-worker, entrepreneur or wife you will gain basic ways for slowing down, relieving stress, managing your energy and your calendar and ultimately your choices. You will be supplied with resources and handouts on become more intentional in mindful living, as well as receive coaching tips on how to go about creating space for what you love and how to have more joy in your life!

Baby steps are all you will need to take toward leaning into your aligned sacred path. Daily application is the most important, and taking time upfront to go within to create your intention. Through small, simple steps you will be headed on the path of what your heart desires and step into, or further, your personal journey toward health, happiness and success via a holistic lifestyle.



Free Downloads! Check these out, follow along for the YouTube lectures and workshops + do the journal exercises!

Mindfulness + Holistic Living with Lisa Ware Part 1a of 3

Mindfulness + Holistic Living with Lisa Ware Part 1b of 3

Lisa’s passion is to create community connecting women to their Goddess Tribe and to empower each woman to become their best version of ‘ME’ that they can be. Her platform is sharing holistic health, wealth, freedom and a yogic based lifestyle with the world. She has been mindfully eating since 1996, and practicing yoga since the early ’90’s. She is a yoga teacher with over 8000 hours of teaching and is currently director of her online yoga school for 200 and 300 hour trainees, owns and operates a local studio and goddess retreats in Texas and adventure retreats in Hawaii. She conducts and teaches at yoga and holistic festivals and conferences on various topics including Reiki as a master teacher, yoga asana, clean eating, acro and partner yoga and Thai Yoga Massage with her husband Richard.

To further assist you as a coach and mentor, Lisa has online accountability groups in place.

Lisa is available for personal, group and corporate sessions.

Connect with Lisa on social media @yoga4lovelisa
Join in live stream or video classes on the YouTube channel Lisa Ware Yoga 4 Love

Plug into the TRIBE with Yoga 4 Love accountability groups, found on her website:

Watch for Lisa’s upcoming book: Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body and Spirit for a Holistic Lifestyle

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