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Yoga 4 Love Online Yoga Training Programs Jade 200 RYT and Amethyst 500 RYT Memberships

Monthly Payment Plans or Save 50% with Paid In Full!

How Jade, Amethyst, and the Opal Memberships Work

Join with the Level of choice that meets your desires. Do you want to gain your RYT Registered Yoga Teacher, or do you intend to do this more for your own self growth?

Jade, Amethyst, and Opal Memberships are all about deepening your practice and enhancing your self care and self love toolkit with our RYT courses and training programs. 

If you have a goal for gaining a Certification and Graduation, then this membership is right for you!


We want you to meet you and cannot wait for you to MEET YOUR COACH! Learn all the specifics and details of gaining your RYT Certification on your free Discovery Chat.

Not interested in becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher just yet?

Want to do this for the lifestyle journey?

Quartz or Lapis Memberships may suit your goals.

200 Hour RYT Online Yoga Certification

Become the best version of you that YOU can be! Start your Yoga journey with our Tribe today! Scholarship and custom payment plans are available.

500 Hour RYT Online Yoga Certification

FLASH SALE!!! 50% off our online courses! Due to this current situation, we are offering our 500 RYT with Business Coaching at a special rate with customized payment plans available.

200 CYT to RYT, Fast Track to 500 Hour RYT

Want to finish your Registered Yoga Teacher Accreditation? Have your CYT? Ready to make a commitment toward your dream life?

Online Teaching, Cueing, Y4L Signature Class Formats

We are giving you ALL the THINGS!!! 101, 201, and 301 classes, the tools, the tips, the tricks, what to do, how to do it, the platforms and more.

Business Online Crash Course for Yogis, Artist, and Creatives

Intuitive Biz Coaching + Deep Dives on live video chat to discuss your business and receive coaching with the other like minded peers in the course.

33 Signature Intuitive Vinyasa Class Flows, Lisa Ware's Faves

Bring your best version of yourself to your audience in no time with 30 Signature Intuitive Vinyasa Class Flows, Lisa Ware's Faves!