Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs Trainees:

The Sister Studio Affiliate program is available to help trainees complete their Student Teaching and Internship hours. Meaning, if they cannot attend one of our Inner Goddess Retreats or fulfill their hours using the many Livestream classes with available throughout the program. In this case, the teacher will need to set up an Coaching chat with their Director. This is to talk about Student Teaching or Internship hours with a Sister Studio 200 ERYT or 500ERYT. 


We’re currently fulfilling all Hands On Hours for yoga classes through our Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs, by utilizing the current Yoga Alliance approved guidelines.


Therefore, we will not be utilizing the Sister Studio program for regular attended yoga classes or hands-on hours.




Join us at our next Inner Goddess Retreat!


Why do you need to have additional approved Y4L Hands On Hours?

  • This is only applicable to the Path 2 RYT trainees. 
  • In Path 1 it is not required for CYT to have the extra credit or additional hands on hours. 
  • You may have a studio you frequent that is not Y4L Approved for Intuitive Vinyasa, or not part of your counted hours, and would like to see if they qualify or are interested in joining this affiliation.
  • You may want to gain more hours with an E-RYT 200 or 500 RYT teacher
  •  You may not be able to attend an Inner Goddess Retreat or a Reiki Training to gain your Hands On hours. 
  • SPECIAL REQUEST: Trainee may request to do an Internship with the Sister Studio. Director will then email the Studio to make a special arrangement. This is only in the instance that the trainee cannot do an Internship with Yoga 4 Love. 

If this applies to you, your local studio may be a place in which you want to do more practice hours! This does not in any way REPLACE your required Y4L Approved Intuitive Vinyasa classes. However, you want the additional hours to count for Hands On for your future Yoga Alliance accreditation. 

Please ask the owner or the teacher if she or any of her staff are E-RYT200 or RYT 500 Hour Teachers. Then find out if she or they would be open to meeting your Director. 

How to connect your potential Affiliate to your Director:

  1. Introduce the potential Y4L Sister to your Director via email or FB messenger. 
  2. Director will reply and get a good feel for the fit of the Yogini. 
  3. If it is a fit, then an interview with the Director will be set up. 
  4. Team Y4L will be in contact with her and thank you for the introduction!
  5. If approved, we will let you know asap! 
  6. Share this link with her if she wants to see the list of other Sister studios across the country:

Who may qualify + Benefits for becoming a Sister Studio Affiliate:

  • E-RYT 200 or RYT 500 Hour 
  • Open to allowing trainee to attend classes
  • Sister Teacher may never need to be contacted, however in the case of accountability, Director may contact Sister Studio
  • The studio gains a membership.
  • The studio gains an intern.
  • Optional cross marketing promo with Team Y4L
    • will list all approved Sister Affiliates on the website for FREE!
    • The Sister Affiliate may choose to post the logo and link to Y4L on their website

What is a Y4L Sister Affiliate Studio/Teacher? See the details of what this role entails below. 

A Y4L Sister Studio is a:

  • Yogini or owner is in partnership with Yoga 4 Love to allow our Y4L Trainees the ability to attend classes with you. The goal for Trainees to partner with you is to gain their required Hands On Hours for completion of their RYT 200 or RYT 500 Hour Certification. The Sister Studio is allowed to oversee their In Studio attendance for accountability, in the event that the trainee cannot attend our Inner Goddess Retreats, 3 Day Intensives or the Reiki Certification with Lisa Ware, Executive Director. 
  • We have studios all over the country in this program.
  • The Sister Studio is not involved in our Trainee’s training Program or the business part of the Yoga 4 Love Online Training Program at all. 
  • Y4L only needs to account that the Teacher/Studio owner has seen the Trainee or has supervised their required Demo/Assisting hours. 
  • Trainee may attend classes with the Sister Affiliate for fulfillment of these requirements:
    • Hands On Practice Hours with a Y4L 500 RYT
    • Demo/Assist Hours with a Y4L 500 RYT
    • Student Teaching with a Y4L 500 RYT
    • The Trainee must complete all their required hours by their End Date and is solely responsible for turning their hours into Yoga 4 Love. 
    • The Sister Affiliate is not responsible for any of the logistics, documentation or communication to Team Y4L, that is all the duty of the Trainee. 
  • This Sister Studio program is available for all currently enrolled trainees, not for graduated alumni or those who have expired programs. 
  • We do not expect our Sister Studios to be involved in the business or grading side of any trainee, that is just too much to place on our sisters. 
  • We only ask our Trainees to document the hours with our Sister Studio and turn them in to their Director, as usual. 

In closing, we are appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to build each other up and support each other in a sisterhood relationship. Together we will Rise Up to share each of our gifts, medicine, talents and yoga teachings with the world!