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Getting Started~ Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs:


What about credentials? What does yoga instruction usually fall under?

That is a good question, and many have asked. Yoga is not like a massage or cosmetology school, which is regulated by the state, it is an art, like karate or dance, taught from teacher to student. Yoga is not regulated by the state or government, and thankfully so, as it would put small studios out of business. The Texas Yoga Association, of which Lisa Ware is on the board, fought back around 2007-08 to keep regulation out of yoga. Yoga schools were being charged exorbitant fees and having to close down. Many went to the capitol to get legislation changed so the state no longer regulates Texas yoga schools.
If you choose, there is a private organization that you may apply to called Yoga Alliance. It is not monitored by anyone except for themselves. Yoga graduates may apply to get their RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) paperwork through them, and this is totally optional. Yoga 4 Love is registered through the YA as an RYS, Registered Yoga School, 200 and 500 and 1000 Hour under our One Yoga USA Training Programs. If you choose to apply for Yoga Alliance all of your hands on hours must be completed. This includes assisting, demoing classes, community classes, internship and yoga charity work . Your hands on hours are directly overseen by a 500 Hour RTY Yoga 4 Love approved teacher or a 500 or 1000 Hour RYT Yoga 4 Love Director.

How do you find all the proper documents for Getting Started?

All the Getting Started requirements are available as soon as you register on our website. You will move through the program by completing each piece of each lesson and selecting ‘completed’. You will also find the requirements at the top of the “Getting Started” and “Modules” Tab on your Student Log on Google Drive, which will be shared with you from your Director, as well.

Who are the scholarships for?

Anyone may apply. A few will be selected every year. People in need may email about their situation and request an interview with Director.


Also we are always looking for trainees and alumni to help assist on social media re-posting and sharing as well as online marketing and admin assistance for the training! We offer energy exchange and barter toward retreats and other workshops, too!

What is SEVA?

Karma Yoga. It is yogic acts of serving community, pro bono and yogi charity work. Examples include but are not limited to volunteering and teaching a class at a nursing home, hospital volunteer organization or hosting a community event for charity.

How do I sign up for the local studio classes that are included in my tuition?

Email Director and request to have your free local studio membership activated.

What is the best way to invite others to this program? Should they email or call?

Yes, they may e-mail or call, absolutely, however, the best way is to book a free Coaching Session Interview with Director online at their convenience.

What is the difference between trainee assist, demo and student internship in the Y4L program|?

Demo and assist is specifically for being by the Director’s side at a class or workshop. Internship is anything a trainee does with the Director to shadow, so it can be many faceted; as long as it is on topic of the training program it is counted as internship. Every student will intern in different ways, some do more student teaching, some do more admin/biz stuff and some do more marketing etc, anything to help them gain a better knowledge of yoga, the Y4L program offers several avenues to enrich their lives with the intent to deepen their role as a teacher and future entrepreneur.

How do I know the online portion will work well for me? How is feedback given and how often it is given during the process, prior to the retreat?

To answer this a free interview video chat would be ideal.

To best explain the program, we use Google Classroom, so weekly you will receive feedback on every assignment, your student log and your progress. In addition we have an open chat with your Director and yourself where you will be able to talk every day. You also are on a group with the entire class of trainees, and the chat is very active with discussion on yoga, mediation, upcoming events, struggles, yoga program questions, daily wins etc, and it is a really great support with a huge sisterhood of goddesses.


What equipment is needed for home practice?

A good, professional mat. We recommend Manduka Pro, Pro Lite or eKo. Mat length is a personal choice.  You will also need a towel, small mat towel, yoga blocks (2), Meditation cushion or firm pillow, 2 to 4 saddle blankets and a yoga strap; optional: yoga bolsters.

How do I get access to the next module?

The Director will base your progression to the next module on your student log and the completion of required assignments online. You must turn in your log by ‘Sharing’ it on Google Drive with Director’s email, due every Saturday 11:59PM your time. The Director will grade the log within the week.  Once you have completed all requirements of a module you will be notified by email that you can progress to the next module..

How do I join the Trainee Class chat on Google Hangouts?

Please ask the Director to add and introduce you.

What is the Student ID?

It is a specific student ID already populated in the Google Sheets (a cloud file, Excel -based Spreadsheet). ID is based on your module track selected and your start date.  It will be at the top of your student log on Drive, on the Module tab.  Please enter your ACTUAL start date on the Module tab across from the “Program Start Date”, if not already entered by Director.

Explain the difference of a meditation log and the regular student log? What meditations can you do? Once you complete all of the meditations on the Y4L audio classes, can you do your own? Can you repeat the audio meditations in various position or locations?

The meditation log is the Sadhana Daily Practice tab.  There you should log your own spiritual and mind/body practices other than asana/yoga on your mat time. The online recorded meditations and pranayama can be used to begin this daily practice. These can be found in the Y4L Audio Classes. This is an essential practice and is the main goal to help you develop tools as you begin this Self Care daily practice. You will be asked to journal about your practice. You may use your paper journal or the Student Log. Write your deep thoughts then summarize your take-aways into brief notes and add weekly on your student log to turn in weekly.

Explain deeper about homework…what can be combined and sent together?

  • To turn in an assignment you must type it out in a google doc or uploiad a Word doc to your Google Drive folder and share. .
  • Do not just take a picture of your assignment written out.
  • Share with Director on your Drive. Name your Google Doc with the assignment number , module and your name.
  • As part of your ‘Getting Started’ assignment, you will create and Share folders for each module on your Drive, unless Director has otherwise done so.
  • Make sure to always save all new folders and all of your hOMework in your own personal folder on Drive, corresponding to the module you are working.
  • Make sure you include your name in the title of the Doc so it can be located later.
  • Add the date at the top of all of your assignments.

What if I can not get online or if I can’t turn in my work one week?

Simply email, text or send your Director a message before Saturday 11:59PM your time.

When is my weekly homework due?

You can share daily as you complete it, or all at once on Saturday.  To remain an active student in the program, you must share your updated student log each week by 11:59PM your local time.

What do I do if I am going to be out for a while?

  • You are requested to email the Director and let her know the dates you are to be out, and to return.
  • Do this BEFORE you have any past due dates.
  • If you are going to be out an extended period please talk to Director to make arrangements to edit your end date and the due dates on your log. This is the only way your program will be extended. If you fail to ask for an extension your program may expire before you complete it.

FAQ’s 200 HOUR:

Do you receive immediate access?

Yes, you will receive access to Getting Started on our website immediately upon payment and registration! Set your Coaching Interview with Director as soon as possible.

Is there a payment plan for 200 Hour?

  • $5000, Auto Payment Plan with $608 Deposit
    $4500 Paid in Full 10% off
    Payment plan:
    • $608 Registration and Down Payment
    • Auto monthly payments
    • Other payment options are available

FAQ’s 300 HOUR:

Is there a payment plan for 300Hour?

$6600, Auto Payment Plan with $608 Deposit
$5940 Paid In Full 10% off
Payment Options:
  • Paid In Full 10% off with Coupon Code
  • Or Payment Plan
    • $608 Registration and Down Payment
    • Other payment options are available, inquire in meeting with Director

Texas Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreats

Is the Texas Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreats included with the 200 Hour or 300 Hour?

Yes, it’s Included in 200 or 300 hour program!

  • Must register online
  • Early Bird Rate until 30 Days before event
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Lodging Available on Site!
  • See Retreat page for details!
Remember your yoga training is a journey that will be with you a lifetime! We are here to support you every step of the way!
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