What​ ​Makes​ ​Us​ ​Unique​ ​at​ ​Yoga​ ​4​ ​Love?

Our training program is unique to other yoga teacher training or online training in many ways. Foremost, we move from the heart center from the inception to the fruition of everything we create and produce. At Yoga 4 Love we foster relationships. We train our students using the tools, online resources, and technology available to us in the 21st century, bringing a global reach to the traditional teachings with a focus on the Divine Feminine. In addition to a phenomenal training program, we offer an ongoing business plan to launch our new trainees into the world. With graduation at the 200-hour level or 200RYT, the is alumni ready to not only teach yoga in their community but to fully live their truth, to express their passions and their voice in the world with a foundation in a deeply seated personal practice. Upon graduation at the mastery level 300 hour, or 500 RYT, we offer those alumni an opportunity to further themselves with a position as an Independent Director within our organization. As a Directo, the graduate is able to teach their students using the tools and resources in the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs to and build a solid income stream from their student base.

At Yoga 4 Love we personally partner a Director with each Trainee in the program and include each Trainee in a class of others from all over the world that are all in a like-minded tribe of sisterhood on this journey together. As a Director we communicate personally with each of our trainees several times a week, building their confidence, answering questions and simply being available… not just on the weekends that the trainee may attend a live class, workshop or retreat. We interact with each student on an individual basis, offering coaching calls and private lessons for each trainee, which is included in the programming. Each day the student has total access to online classes, virtual training and real-time live communication with their other Trainees in their class. The beauty unfolds as these yoginis grow and develop together. As the Trainees move forward in the program the more advanced students naturally, fall into a mentorship role in the program.

We hold a retreat for each class of Trainees to attend together in Texas, which is included in tuition. Retreats are also offered in beautiful destinations and around the world such as Hawai’i. At these retreats the yoginis learn, transform and grow in an intensive, sacred circle held by the Directors, classmates, and alumni.

The community, or Sangha, at Yoga 4 Love is one of the most important aspects of our program. Leadership skills, goal setting, creative visualization, affirmations and business management are also topics on retreat and in the 300-hour course, in addition to the agenda of yoga asana and workshops.

In addition to the asana practice, the primary focus of a Trainee is their daily actions. Our intention is to build a strong skill set of personal lifestyle practices, or Daily Sadhana, plus cleansing actions for the body. Through this self-care ‘quiet time’ the Trainee learns tools and techniques on how to let go stress and master their life balance. Within the daily practices, we include journaling and many other activities, all kept accountable with their class and Director on their activity log. As the student journeys through their program, they not only develop a strong foundational knowledge of yoga, healing arts and meditation, but they become stronger spiritually. THIS is the end goal of a fully grounded and solid yoga practice and from this foundation Yoga 4 Love graduates organically begin to share and teach, as they truly become the yogi within.

Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware
Yoga 4 Love, Founder

Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs, Exec. Director


E-RYT 500~ Experienced Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of mastery training. Lisa has taught over 7000 hours.

Reiki Master Teacher
Executive Director, Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Online

Owner, Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio + Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess RetreatsYoga4Love

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