Lisa Ware is a Yogini, Reiki Master Teacher, life coach, author, happy wife and mom.

She is the President of the non profit, DFW Free Day of Yoga and in her 12th year serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Yoga community. The organization holds annual yoga events on Labor Day weekend, with the largest free yoga class in Dallas and hosting the Dallas Yoga Festival.

Lisa’s Why: To inspire others to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world so that we may live a life of joy, vitality, financial freedom, adventure and magic!

She creates tools, events, and programs to help other and herself connect to the Highest Good for ourselves and our planet.

Check out these local upcoming DFW events where you can connect to your local yogis:

DFW Free Day of Yoga is on Monday, Labor Day annually. Free classes are held at Yoga 4 Love Cabin studio and local DFW studios every year!
Check out these events where Lisa Ware will be presenting. There will also be a booth space for the Yoga 4 Love Global Goddess Tribe! Come play!