Rhythms of the Awakened Goddess is a LIVESTREAM VLog where Lisa Aiylah Ware features empowering women as guests on the VLog from all kinds of different industries from art, music, neuroscience and even engineering. Together we are Rising sister! Join in and follow, as she is bringing super powered coaching and encouragement, with full Goddess Tribe support on this journey from 3D to 5D.


Enjoy topics such as:
Spirituality, Shamanism, Plant Medicine, Ceremony, Sacred sisterhood, Women’s Circles and Coaching, and more.

We are in a unique opportunity holding pattern that can lead us to a NEW, elevated version of ourselves. So many of us are trying to “get back our old lives; return to normal”. Well kids, there’s no going back. The universe has given us (we’ve given ourselves) the unique opportunity to stop, unplug, refresh and now set a course to start again in a whole new, higher vibration.

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Let’s discuss the Awakening that’s happening all around us.

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