Hey Soul Family!


? We are here to connect. It’s a resonance, the Law of Attraction. We are on a similar path and part of each other’s journey in some big or small way.  I am so honored and excited about our connection.

This year is a HUGE upleveling for Humanity. It is so important for us to bond together as a tribe. We are called to create events in different locations as we travel in our RV. We serve Great Spirit to unite all our Goddesses and Sacred Brothers from all over the world.

? I have been called to create a non profit cOMmunity driven organization called the Star Seed Family. We are creating Festivals, Retreats and Gatherings in Texas and all over the world. We are seeking people and other non profits who are on this Sacred Path to partner together. Our vision is to create the New Earth that is our children’s children legacy. We are now creating our Leadership for this Global organization and forming our Board of Directors  If you are resonating in your heart or body, reach out and Book a Discovery Chat

We are the ones we have been waiting for. ~ Hopi Prophecy

This beautiful feather  fan was a gift from Great Spirit that was received in the final day of 2022. It’s used in Sacred Ceremony for our church. Takata and I both found a Red Tail on the side of the highway on New Year’s Eve, within one mile from each other. We were at a very pivotal conversation point and having some major AHA moments in the car while listening to Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Then she said, ‘Whoa I thinkI just saw an owl!’. I was like wow, right at that pivotal moment! Then I saw another the very next moment! We have been collecting sacred feathers and preserving them, cleaning them, gifting them and sharing this Medicine for Ceremony. Spirit has taught me how to take care of these dead animals so that they may continue to share their Medicine on this Sacred Path. We are so honored to do this Work. Takata and I have been in  and holding Ceremony pretty much every weekend since last fall. The Work is calling and we are showing up. 

We are training more  Goddesses, Priestesses and Queens who are called to journey together on this Path with our Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs. We need all hands on deck! 

We have some lovely Kambo Ceremonies coming up, as well as we are teaching at some festivals. 

We will also be hosting a HUGE event over Summer Solstice. STAY TUNED!

In September /October we are taking a group to Argentina, to work with the grand-mamas and grand-papas who are connected to my teacher, Lara Ana, from Colombia. We will be going to 4 major Sacred Sites and also sitting with Mother Ayahuasca. The retreats are going to be broken up into 4 smaller one week events so you can choose which sites and activities resonate with you. I am also seeking more Kambo training and will be headed to Peru to do so.

 It is all happening so fast! I am taking it slow and steady, and building a strong foundation for this Work.


? If you are interested in diving deeper into the why of the things that I bring forth for the Divine Feminine I have started a new Podcast, more to come. Let’s connect. 

? This is why we started Temple Sacred Heart Church and why we do what we do.
? We show up fully and with discipline to the Call from Source.

?‍♀️ We are here to train the Masters.
?‍♀️ To teach the teachers. #yoga4love

?️ To teach about Sacred Union, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and the Twin Flame journey.
?️ To hold festivals, microcosms of the New Earth, a world in which we’re crafting and envisioning simply by our thoughts and daily intentions.
?️ To bring together women’s circles, drum circles and Soul Tribe Sanghas wherever we travel.

? To hold Red Tents, ecstatic dance, cOMmunity potlucks.
? To teach the Egyptian teachings with Goddess Isis
? To hold Goddess Activations all over the world

? To run Inner Goddess Retreats, and other non profits. We want to partner with you! It takes a village!

? Are you called to create the life that you love?
? Are you ready to step into the Highest Version of Self? 

? Is it time to walk daily in the Highest Frequency of Love?

? If you are wanting to learn more about ways you can Rise Up into your own Path, Purpose and Potential myself, my beloved Takata, and our Yoga 4 Love Coaches are here to guide you.

? Book a free Discovery Chat to connect Let’s do this, Goddess!

I will continue to share more here in this eNews, also on my IG, so let’s stay in touch. So much Gratitude for you. 

Namaste.  Infinite Blessings.

Peace, Love + Light~

Aiylah Lisa  Valkyrie

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