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 Yoga 4 Love


Mastermind Priestess Path Mystery School of Goddess Isis 



12 Month Container + Mentorship 

led by

Aiylah Lisa Valkyrie, 

Shamanic Medicine Woman,

Water Priestess and Mermaid/Faerie 


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Held within an intimate,

small Goddess Tribe group.


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Aloha Beauty, I have been praying for you to answer this call! 


Let’s dive into the magick that awaits us on this transformative journey. 

Awakening our Pussy, RE-Igniting our Power, RE-Framing our Money Mindset and RECLAIMING as we speak to all of the Taboo Topics that society says we are not supposed to talk about.

This Priestess Path of Isis is channeled through Aiylah to empower women, to find their purpose, passion and potential in the world, so that we may live a life of vitality, time and financial freedom, adventure and magick!

I am called to RE-claim social media to share openly about Claiming our Worth, to speak on Topics such as: Sovereignty, The Divine Feminine, Abundance, True Sacred Sexuality, Pleasure & Sex, the Twin Flame Journey, Sun and Moon Rituals, Shamanic Practices, and Plant Medicine. We are called to TRIBE as women, we need a place to share super raw and UNleashed , that is what we are doing in this Group! I am here to allow the Goddess to speak through me, representing this aspect in all of us. I am holding this space here for us as a collective to post what is on our hearts in a safe space.

We are a group of like-minded women from all over the world who are in support of each other. We share a deep connection to the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. in all her forms.

I feature special high vibe guests to bring amazing value to your life, and you can invite your friends.

We are here to inspire our siSTARs and for cOMmunity building. Share all things that keep you in the vibration of JOY and make your GODDESS PUSSY POWER shine!


Here’s our sacred roadmap for Mastermind Priestess Path:

  • Receive access to all of our Yoga 4 Love Online Courses (see list below).

  • Lifetime access to all courses started. 10 Credits for Private Sessions, Trainings, Inner Goddess Retreats and Ceremony (listed below). 

  • 12 Week Series of Juicy Deep Dive Lessons: We’ll explore advanced techniques together—think frequency upgrades, breaking free from limiting beliefs, and dancing into the realm of our Highest Path, perfectly aligned with Source.

  • 12 Month Container with Soulful Calls: Every week, we gather for  live connection on a cozy chat hosted by Aiylah. It’s not just a chat; it’s Sacred Space where we share energy, wisdom, and insights.

  • Gain Certifications in YTT 200, 500, Shamanic Practitioner, Manifestation Tools 4 Quantum Online Business, Reiki Training

    Guided Meditations & Angelic Messages from Aiylah: Imagine receiving Reiki energy, guided meditations, and channeled Angelic Messages—all crafted to connect us to the Quantum Field of Abundance. These sessions are designed to relax your body, clear resistance, ground your spirit, and elevate your frequency and vibe.

  • Priestess WhatsApp Mastermind: Welcome to our exclusive tribe space! This private group is your go-to hub for unlimited access to Aiylah, the incredible Coach Autumn and the Goddesses in this Container. It’s a sanctuary for sharing, learning, and supporting each other on this extraordinary journey.

  • Attend an Inner Goddess Retreats with our Tribe in Texas with your credits! Enjoy trainee discounts to our beautiful Destination Retreats all over the world! Travel to Egypt, Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, and more!

  • Intimate Sangha Chats: Our live group sessions are held weekly where the real magic happens. These are soulful gatherings infused with intimacy. Think heart-to-heart connections, shared wisdom, and a community of kindred spirits supporting each other’s growth.

So, are you ready to dive deep with like minded siSTARs on the path to transformation?

Your Highest Self is calling, and we’re here to embrace it together.


Infinite Love and Blessings,


Our Misson:


 At Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs + Inner Goddess Retreats we offer a sacred and safe space for women, virtually and in person, to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world. 


Our Deepest desire is to make these offerings accessible to everyone. We believe that price tags and cash flow should not be an obstacle or a deciding factor on your journey to your Sacred Path. 

As a special offer, we are inviting you to jump on a free Discovery Chat and benefit from learning more about our OMAZING One on One program: ‘

Live your Dream Life:


Lean in, siSTAR! You know that YOU are the Creator of your Universe! We empower you to ‘Become the best version of your Self that YOU can be!’


Focus on a holistic lifestyle including meditation, Reiki Shamanic Practices, Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda.  Uncover the Path to bring your visions into reality with this results-oriented program.

Get certified or do this for your own personal growth! 

Join the One on  Coaching + Mastermind program, Feel the love from the Goddess Tribe sisterhood, women who are on the same mission as yourself. 


Creative Financing:


Paid In Full 50% OFF Tuition!

Discounts for Post Pandemic

In Studio Financing,Payment Plans

SEVA + Karma Yoga Internship 

Barter Program Energy Exchange

Work with Team Y4L

Meet weekly for your One on One Coaching with Directors Aiylah and Takata, group chat with the Mastermind Goddess Tribe, and support from our Team Y4L Coaches.  
Take the Next Step for time and financial freedom, health, vitality, joy, adventure and magick! 

Class of 2024
MasterClass Schedule

All calls are 75-90 mins.
The replay will be recorded and uploaded to your dashboard in our store to access anytime.

Holistic Transformation Mastermind Outline:

Week 1: 

Awakening the Inner Goddess

  • Date: January 1st

  • Embracing the divine feminine within

  • Exploring goddess archetypes

  • Initiating the journey of self-discovery


Week 2: 

Total Freedom Lifestyle Foundations

  • Date: January 8th

  • Building a foundation for a life of freedom

  • Aligning with your values and passions

  • Crafting a vision for your Total Freedom Lifestyle


Week 3: 

Sacred Sexuality Unveiled

  • Date: January 15th

  • Manifesting within the Orgasmic Bliss of the Universe

  • Honoring and understanding your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

  • Integrating sacred sex practices into daily life

  • Embracing a healthy and reverent view of Sacred Union


Week 4: 

Divine Feminine Empowerment

  • Date: January 22nd

  • Stepping into your power as a goddess

  • Overcoming challenges with divine strength

  • Cultivating resilience and confidence


Week 5: 

Cracking the Goddess Codes

  • Date: January 29th

  • Decoding the messages from your inner goddess

  • Unlocking hidden potential and wisdom

  • Tapping into the ancient knowledge within


Week 6: 

Money Mindset Mastery

    • Date: February 5th

    • Transforming your relationship with money

    • Cultivating an abundance mindset

    • Attracting wealth and prosperity

Week 7:

Galactic Activations

  • Date: February 12th

  • Connecting with cosmic energies

  • Receiving activations for spiritual growth

  • Expanding your consciousness

Week 8:

Quantum Abundance Codes

  • Date: February 19th

  • Understanding the quantum field of abundance

  • Activating codes for limitless manifestation

  • Quantum leaps toward your desires

Week 9:

Star Seed Downloads

  • Date: February 26th

  • Receiving guidance from the stars

  • Integrating star seed wisdom into your path

  • Unveiling your cosmic purpose

Week 10:

Reiki Energy Infusion

  • Date: March 5th

  • Introduction to Reiki energy healing

  • Receiving and channeling Reiki energy

  • Healing and balancing your energy field

Week 11:

Angelic Guidance and Tarot

  • Date: March 12th

  • Connecting with angelic realms

  • Tarot readings for spiritual insights

  • Trusting divine guidance

Week 12:

Future Pacing Video, Integration and Celebration

  • Date: March 19th

  • Live In the Creative Passion of Desire in Alignment with Your Vision, Now!

  • Reflecting on the transformative journey

  • Celebrating growth and achievements


Stay in the Goddess Tribe Container and Coaching Chat until you are completed with all of your courses, up to 24 months!


Priestess Path Mastermind 

Spring of 2024 



Only 13 Goddess Spots in this Container


We are Interviewing + Filling Up Now!

Calling in our Priestess Tribe!


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Become the Best Version of YOU!

Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs Certifications and Courses:


Choose Any or All Courses with Lifetime access. Start with one as a Focus Path to explore. 

The course access is in addition to your 12 Month Mastermind Container with the 12 MasterClass Series.

  • Shamanic Practitioner Training
  • Manifestation Tools 4 Quantum Online Business Course

  • 200 YTT Certification Y4L Online Training Programs Course

  • 500 Hour YTT Certification Y4L Online Training Programs Course

  • Reiki Certification, Online via Distance Healing or In Studio 
  • (Level 1, Level 2, + Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Internship)
  • Shamanic Practitioner Training + Online Course access

  • PLUS 

  • Access to 2 Facebook Private Groups:

    Hello Freedom Lifestyle Water Tribe 

    Goddess Tribe Rewinding UNLEASHED 

    Featuring LIVE MasterClasses with Aiylah and Takata!

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  • $20/month ADMIN FEE for auto pay with card on file
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  • Credit Card (3.5% fee))

(10) Credits toward YOUR CHOICE Of:

  • In Person: 3 Day Inner Goddess Retreat in Texas (3)

  • Destination Retreats in Tulum, Egypt, Hawaii, or Costa Rica (Trainee Discounted Rate)

  • Divine Sight One Day Plant Medicine Women’s Retreat Ceremony (2)

  • Kambo Ceremony Session (2)

  • Distance Healing on Video Chat: Reiki Training, Attunement + Certification (1), Private Reiki Distance Healing (1), Angel Card + Tarot Reading (1), Shamanic Drum Power Animal Retrieval (1), Soul Retrieval Journey (1), Sound Healing Session (1), Shamanic Extraction Healing (1), Life & Biz Soul Coaching (1)


Choose your own Personalized Start Date and join the transformative journey of the next Class of 2024.

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Elevate your path to holistic living!


Questions? Book your Free Discovery Chat today.

Your transformative adventure awaits. 


Infinite Blessings, 

Aiylah Lisa Valkyrie

A note from Aiylah Lisa Valkyrie:

Our Inner Goddess Retreats are a safe and sacred space for women where we find our Path and Purpose. During the closing ceremony at the last Inner Goddess Retreat, after many of the tribe went home the last few hardcore ‘ride or die’ siSTARs remained and were fully present. 

It is through the space we held over the 3 day intensive that I was able to get full clarity of the direction of my Work. 

I shared on video with witnesses by these women in the direction that Spirit is showing me to lead.

Thus was birthed our finale, the best of all our programs yet, a culmination of all my offerings of Self and my Team Y4L the Holistic Transformational Mastermind. 

This is a Priestess Tribe personalized intensive container, with access to all of my most valuable offerings in one place. This is a shift in a much needed direction from a ‘basic’ teacher training or a yoga certification course. 

Many yoga teacher trainings have become so watered down, they are offered in a PDF and a merely a Facebook group, and there’s personalization, no teacher to student learning and rarely any real personal accountability. This program is not that. 

What this is is a completely individualized program where we meet once a week for 12 weeks in a Sangha LIVE Chat, and in our Coaching group for 12 Months. 

In the LIVE Sangha chats we focus on what you truly desire and want for your life and create a super fast track to get you there. You get to choose from any or all of our Online Training Programs, as well. 

I am calling in my Priestess Tribe. Are you saying FUCK YES? Then Let’s Go! The time is NOW! We are doing this Sacred Work together and we are locking arms with you!

Infinite Love and Blessings,


Ordained Minister

Reiki Master Teacher

Executive Director

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