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Reiki Healing Sessions, Attunement Ceremonies + Workshops, Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master Trainings.


LIfe Coaching with Lisa Ware

Life Coaching, Health, Nutrition + Detox, Biz Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Lectures + Book Tour.


Detox Yoga Flow on YouTube LIVE with Lisa Ware, plus Vision Board & Affirmation Creation Workshop online!

Goddesses, we are in 2019! So, what you are calling in for this new year? Within these last 2 weeks from Winter Solstice 2018 to New Moon 2019 I have held sacred fire daily for the collective and individually. I have sat daily since calling in and setting my intentions. I have been lighting our […]

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[VIDEO] Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing and Prayer Bundle Workshop with Lisa Ware and guest Nicole Graffis

Take our LIVE recorded sound healing workshop! Settle in and relax for the next 75 min. This is an opportunity for you to do some deep healing. We use the crystal alchemy bowls and mantra chant to clear and activate each chakra. Lisa shares how to do a ceremonial prayer bundle fire ritual for release […]

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[VLOG] Become a Goddess of Vision and Action; Full moon Winter Solstice, Prayer Bundle Fire Ceremony

If you don’t have enough money in your life that means you have been serving enough people. ~Krystal Jackson Solstice is Friday, December 21 at 4:22pm Central Standard Time Full Moon is Saturday, December 22 at 11:48am Thinking of you this holiday season! Let’s celebrate Winter Solstice! Begin our commitment to become the best version of YOU […]

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