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Celtic Wheel of the Year: Saint Brigid Goddess of Fire, Feb. 1, Imbolic, Candlemas

  Feb. 1 is Imbolic, also known as Candlemas and most importantly for all Gaelic and Celtic people it is St Brigid’s Feast Day! Imbolc divides winter in half; the Crone months of winter are departing and the promise of the Spring Maiden is around the corner. This holiday eventually became modern day Candlemas with Saint Brigid’s […]

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10 Rhythms of the Goddess Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

This month’s Full Blood Wolf Moon and lunar eclipse is about around themes such as compassion, empathy, home, family, relationships, change and your foundation. Watch Ep. 10 Rhythms of the Goddess; Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse These energies will likely shed light on the areas you’ve mentally and spiritually outgrown. The most challenging part about […]

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Dream Life Notebook Life Journaling

Happy New Year! Happy 2020!!! It is a new decade today, and so much has transpired for me. Thank you so much for your support in all ways. It means so much to me.  My life has been one serendipitous moment after another and I keep saying YES to life! I made a decision to […]

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