Do You Know Aiylah?

Lisa ‘Aiylah’ Yoga 4 Love

E-RYT 500

Ordained Minister

Trained Kambo/Sapo + Shamanic Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher 

Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT500

Life and Business Coach 

Do you know me? 


Aiylah Valkyrie (this is the name given to me by Spirit) Some of you know me as Lisa, or Yoga 4 Love. You may call me Aiylah, (eye-lah)


My motivation is to remain a clear and pure channel of Light for the Angelic, Goddess Isis and the Divine Feminine/Masculine energies of Sofia/Christ consciousness. 

My ‘why’ is to empower women to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world, so that they may live a life of vitality, time and financial freedom, adventure, joy and magick. 

I identify on this planet as:

an Ordained Minister , received this on my 44th solar return. 

E-RYT 500

Reiki Master Teacher

Shamanic Practitioner


Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs

Inner Goddess Retreats non-profit

Temple of the Sacred Heart Church

Follow Your Path Mentorship + Mastermind~ Soul Coaching & Lifestyle Training


My ‘why’ is to empower women to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world, so that we can live a life of vitality, freedom, adventure, joy and magick. 

I call my Self a Visionary Vixen, as I am aspace holder, a trailblazer and Medicine Woman trained in Kambo and as a Shamanic Practitioner. 

I enjoy offering hapé sacred tobacco, Kambo, holding Plant Medicine Ceremony, drum and Women’s circles, as well as doing Angel Card Readings and Soul Retrieval.


I began Reiki as a healing modality in 2000 through my mom’s breast cancer journey. In 2008 I founded Yoga 4 Love in honor of my late mother’s positivity and inspiration after her mom crossed over. The trajectory of my life path pivoted as I began to walk fully into my Sacred Path and completed my Yoga Teacher Training. I   began focusing on a Karma Yoga project by organizing a huge annual community event, the Dallas Yoga Festival through DFW Free Day of Yoga, 501c3 and continued running this nonprofit for 14 seasons. In 2010 I became a Reiki Master, and in 2011 her first yoga studio opened. In 2012 she began a huge Awakening, with the planet, and also started a YTT. In 2015 I began hosting retreats and more Reiki trainings, then in 2016 began the call to (re)learn the ancient Indigenous wisdom as a Shamanic Practitioner. In 2017 I began destination retreats to Hawaii. Then was told to write a book, from the hundreds of workshops and trainings I had accumulated over 10K hours of teaching. So with much discussion with Source, I self-published in 2018; it is titled: Yoga 4 Love,Tools for Mind, Body, and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle.

In 2019 I returned to Hawaii to host a retreat. Then in 2021 everything shifted, as I downloaded information that I had a Twin Flame, and began a toroidal Sacred Tantric journey with my beloved of many lifetimes, Takata (Jamie) Ray. Through the Tantric practice they continued to receive messages and information of all their lives, and their realities began to align in this life. I seperated from my husband of 28+ years and left my old life to fully trust and surrender to the Call of Spirit, with no knowledge and very little support. By faith alone I continued to follow my Path and Purpose. In June I returned to Hawaii to host a retreat and Ceremony, this time with Takata, and spent much time in meditation and connection to Pele at many  portals and major ley lines on the Big Island. 

I was then called to Egypt and said YES, without funds or questioning, and went on a solo journey with a group trip in late 2021. There I was provided for, as I simultaneously remembered many, many lifetimes, of Priestess-hood and as Queen. There I received Activations from the temples, Sacred Sites, including inside the Great Pyramid King’s and Queen’s Chamber, the Pit and the Sphinx. I spent time with Divine Mother at Hathor’s house and Isle of Philae, Isis Temple, as well as Abydos, Abu Simbel at Ramses Temple. 

Through this work, I have chosen to continue to be completely transparent and have risked loss of relationship, as well. I now train my students and mentees to do this Work, so the legacy can carry on.


On a personal note, I have two children, a son, 23, active duty US Navy, a daughter, 18 a horse lover, and 2 bonus kids, from Takata: Sage, 18 and Dakota 15. 

I am a  a Colorado girl who is living in Texas with myTwin Flame and Soul Partner, Jamie ‘Takata’.


My life’s work is to leave a legacy impacting the world through my Work, my children, advocates and trainees, in the traditional yogic teachings with a filter of Divine Feminine, to share the Sacred Tantric Practices, and to offer education + facilitation of Plant Medicines for the Awakening. My deepest desire is to raise the frequency of the planet into the New Earth 5D Reality for our Mother, Gaia.for our Highett Timeline. 

Yoga 4 Love’s motto:

Expanding Horizons and Inspiring Positive Change since 2008. 


Inner Goddess Retreats, Inc. Mission Statement:

We offer a sacred and safe space for women, virtually and in person, to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world.

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Personal Services:

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  • Inner Goddess Retreats, Inc.

  • Divine Sight Plant Medicine Ceremony

  • Reiki and Crystal Healing

  • Kambo Ceremony

  • Hapé (Rapé) Ceremony

  • Shamanic:

    • Soul Retrieval

    • Extraction Healing

    • Power Animal Retrieval

    • Death and Dying 

  • Wedding Officiant