Yoga 4 Love Purchase Policy and 

Tuition Agreement 2024 


These regulations are in place to ensure that our program is a Sacred Container, coming from a place of Peace, Love and Light. This is so that our Goddesses, Trainees, Clients and Students feel safe within this program, in the chats and groups and feel free to be themselves. 

We encourage trainees and students to utilize the group Coaching chats to discuss your training programs, as well as personal matters that are on our hearts. 

Within this Light and context please read the legal agreement and details below. Please know that all energy exchange supports your Lightworkers and Wayshowers.

All Love Donations made for Ceremony and Services are through Temple Sacred Heart church non profit. 

Team Y4L 


To streamline the high energy of this program sufficiently we rely on each student’s honor, financial commitment and respect for each other, the coaches and Directors of this training. 

We are all here to Become the Best Versions of our Self for the Highest Good. 




No refunds are available after purchase. In most cases your funds may be transferred to a different program, retreat, service or course.

Please email us at to make a request. 

This includes but is not limited to the Yoga 4 Love Store, Digital Downloads, Online Courses, Prepaid Private Sessions, Inner Goddess Retreats, + all other Yoga 4 Love Signature Collections. 


Upon checkout, student has lifetime access to the material and recorded videos, included in the purchased product, as well as all future updates. We honor our part in fulfilling each order immediately within the initial purchase, and therefore we can not offer refunds.

Details of What’s Included in the Holistic Mastermind Transformational Path Mentorship



Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Holistic Mastermind 

200 and 500 Hour and Online Business Coaching, and all other online courses.  


We have upgraded our policies for the Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs. We have recently added an option to allow an opt-in and opt-out period for every 6 month semester. 

Important Dates and Semesters:

  • January 2 through June 20

  • Summer Holiday: June 21-July 4

  • July 5 through December 23

  • Winter Holiday: December 24-January 1

  • No logs due or Sangha chats held on bank holidays


Add/Drop Dates:

Last day to opt-out, withdraw or exit a course is the day before the next semester starts. 

Fees apply, special circumstances are always taken into account. 

This request must be received via email, see below. 

Opt-In Enrollment periods:

One month previous to and one month after each semester start date. 

These times are when we are taking in new trainees.

Opt-Out Course Drop Dates:

Simultaneously as new trainees choose to come in, some may choose to exit, and some will graduate! 

When a Trainee graduates or opts-out, they will be immediately removed from any Private and group Coaching chats to keep the energy, fresh and exciting and high vibe.

Course Continuation:

If the student chooses to continue the next semester, they will select a single Focus Path. Then for the next semester they will complete the hOMework on that Path for whichever course is chosen. 


If the student would rather opt-out and withdrawal before the next semester, simply give written notice via WhatsApp to your Coach (not in the larger group chat) AND…

Send an email. This must be received before the add/drop date, see dates above. 

Tuition Agreement:

By signing up for a course in the Yoga 4 Love Store, you agree to the following:

Adhering to all Due Dates for all Online Training Programs and the Holistic Mastermind. The semester breakdown provides an opportunity to delve into a new Focus Path chosen every 6 months, or continue on the chosen path until graduation.

Following the Online Course Structure:

  • Within each course the student simply logs in online. 
  • Go to the store. Login to the course using your email, or request a password reset.
  • Click the assignments, which are listed on the index. 
  • Do the lessons in order. 
  • Student will be instructed to watch, listen and/or read each lesson. 
  • Mark as Completed. 
  • Click the next assignment at the bottom, and continue in this fashion.
  • As students finish lessons they can see it marked off in the sidebar index as they go through it. 
  • Make sure to not view or mark off lessons that haven’t been done because they cannot go back and get  unmarked. Once a lesson is opened it is marked in the index as Completed. 
  • Some online assignments require students to take notes on a Google Doc, this is noted the lesson. 

YTT vs other Y4L Online Training Programs:

In most of our Online Training Programs students will simply do their course at their own pace 

They are encouraged to participate and add positivity into the larger Coaching group chat and attend the weekly Sangha on video chat. 

Online Trainees do not have to submit a Student Log every week if they are enrolled in the Shamanic Practitioner Training or the Online Business Coaching. This is because there are no set hours that have to be calculated. 

Yoga Certification and Student Logs:

Trainees will be required to submit a Student Log for 100% accountability grade. 

It is due every Saturday before 11:59 PM local time.

Submit on Google Classroom. Accountability is 100% of the weekly grade.

Logs are not due on the weekend on or before a standard bank holiday.


When a Module is Completed:

Students then submit their Google docs, and all their videos, photos and notes. These are turned in on that appropriate corresponding Module assignment in Google Classroom. do not attach your weekly log to the Module Assignment.

Lifetime Access:

Students have Lifetime online access to any of the courses they have already started. This is based on students that are current on their auto payment plans and/or have paid in full.

Collegiate Style Course + Completion:

All programs are self paced, with Group Coaching. Reiki Training also includes a one day Attunement workshop and Ceremony.

Tuition is due regardless of progress, course access or completion. 

Monthly tuition must be current or paid in full tuition has to have been received, per each student’s tuition agreement for continued access. 

Tuition is not based on completion of courses.

Just like college, students enroll and pay tuition; whether they show up, that’s totally up to each student. 

If the program expires on the End Date and students are not completed, they may continue to have access and finish at their own pace without Group Coaching. 

Unlike college, after the semester is over, the program is available for lifetime access! 

Sangha Video Chats:

The weekly chats are a community Sangha. They are sisterhood circles. The Sangha circle intended to hold space for those who choose to show up. They are held to share about online training weekly progress, what’s rising up, and Ascension energies that are current, and therefore there is no meeting or course agenda. 

If students are not going to be present we ask to please message in the Group Coaching chat for accountability. At that time we acknowledge that the student will have an excused absence. 

We meet on WhatsApp video in the group Coaching chat. 

We do not record, as students are vulnerable and highly encouraged to be present.

Auto Payments:

Your payments will be processed based on the start date from your sign up. 

If the auto payment declines it will be automatically re processed for 

7 days past due:

If the invoice is still outstanding after 7 days it is a $38 late fee added to your account. 

30 days  past due: 

Access to the program will be temporarily revoked until payment is resolved, We do not anticipate this happening, however we feel that you need to know the ramifications.

60 days outstanding past due: Access to the training chats on WhatsApp is revoked and we implement removal from the Facebook groups.

If the account becomes 90+ days outstanding past due: Trainee will no longer have access to the program, will lose access permanently to the course(s) which are not paid in full, we will revoke access to chats and Facebook groups, and trainee will not be qualified to graduate.

Updating Card on File:

If you would like to update your card information you can do so by emailing me at or messaging me through Whatsapp


Rescind window for new Sign Ups and New Agreements:

Texas Law states all purchases have a 72 hour/ three day window to rescind a contract after signing up.  

If the student wishes to exit the program:

They will have lifetime access to the courses in which they began while an active student. This includes any future revisions. 

Students who exit the program before completion of all requirements revoke the opportunity to receive a Graduation certification from Yoga 4 Love. However, they may continue their education for their personal and professional journey on their own, through access to our online courses.

Students that choose to exit will immediately be removed from access to WhatsApp, private chat three way group coaching. 

Request to exit: 

This request must be received via email with a timestamp before the add/drop date for the next semester. 

If a student withdraws:

Future tuition payments will also discontinue for the next semester, as well. There is a set fee per semester remaining to discontinue the Auto Pay agreement. See below. 

Withdrawal Add/drop deadline:

This is the day before the last day of the semester and must be received in writing via email. 

Please also send a note on the private WhatsApp chat. 


  1. Dropping a class after the drop/add period has ended is considered a Withdrawal. You may withdraw from a course after the add/drop period has ended with no penalty, however, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund and must still pay any outstanding balances owed to Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs.
  2. For termination of an agreement it is $222.00 per every six month period you may have left on the original agreement. Special circumstances are always considered.
  3. This opt-out will null and void any of your remaining Reiki, Private session or Retreat credits and the credits will no longer be available to be used for any other programs, classes, and/or retreats. 
  4. If one chooses to re-enroll as an active trainee in the future they will restart any courses from the beginning. Tuition will be due in full, based on what the current courses and agreements may entail.  


With this course you will be in multiple settings with other Trainees and sister Goddesses. Within group messages, social media, and retreats you are only to post with pure intent, love and light. If at any time our Coaches feel that you are not doing so and posting things that are not appropriate or not coming from love and light, we reserve the right to drop you from group chat. Students will receive only one warning. 

Next offense: 

If the student posts again within the group or sends negative DMs to other trainees they are then immediately dropped from all courses with no refund. We will provide three warnings (unless extreme circumstances that are a cause for immediate termination) before terminating said contract.

Unacceptable Communication/ Group Rules:

If there is any report of slander or any inappropriate behavior before, during, or after being an active student with Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs will result in a minimum of $200.00 fine and possible legal repercussions.

No negative posting, inappropriate or negative direct messaging, recruiting, spamming, personal marketing, invites to join other programs, personal propositions, direct sales, or outside links, 

Zeroes ( YTT trainees only):

If you miss three weeks of submitting your log in one semester, your access to the WhatsApp group coaching will be revoked. 

WhatsApp and Facebook groups:

This energy must remain high in the groups and chats, and therefore it is required for every student and trainee to participate fully. If there are any messages in a group chat that are deemed not coming from love and light, Team Y4L will remove this student immediately with no further warning. Student will continue to have lifetime access to their courses. 

We do our best to accommodate all trainees, and will reply within 24 to 72 business hours via email. 

Special Requests and Sabbatical:

for unforeseen health, medical, family and work related emergencies. You may request to take a sabbatical with no homework due for 30, 60 or 90 days.We cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled, however we will do our best to give each trainee a personalized suggested action step.

Connect by email for all requests. Must be received 30 days in advance in writing. 


Sabbatical, new enrollments, opt in or exit out, program changes or Retreats, please seek counseling with your Coach chat in the personalized mentorship chat. Do not post in the group chat for these topics.


This notice is an official legal agreement. 

Texas Law Applies. 


We are here as mentors to empower you on your beautiful life journey!


Team Y4L