Aiylah’s Magick Microdosing Honey

Aloha Kind Soul!!

I am looking forward to creating your order soon! Please fill out the form so I have your info and it is all in one place! I am GRATEFUL for your love and support. The Plant Kingdom is our Greatest Teacher! Please sit with this honey, connect to Pachamama, Mother Nature, feel the grass under your bare feet, connect to the great Mystery beneath our feet. The mushrooms provide the OG ‘Fiber Optic’ network of mycelium, the great communicators between the forest substrate, including the trees! 

This blend was given to me from Source, I downloaded the recipe in a single batch sometime in the 2020 shutdown. Then I began making it for my friends, these little “fun guys” can do so much!! Watch Fantastic Fungi to learn so much more about them. (BTW they do not like to be called ‘shrooms’, that is disrespectful and a recreational term. ~they told me to tell you.)

The basic formula has several types of mushrooms: 

  • Wildflower, Sunflower or the best honey I can resource
  • Magick Mushrooms
  • Immune Boost 7 Blend
  • Reishi
  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps, or another I have on hand to substitute
  • Spices from Egypt which I brought back from my journey
  • Several other delicious spices
  • Chili 
  • Cacao

Each batch is handmade, so I appreciate your patience.  I infuse each batch with Reiki and sacred symbols, and chant and pray over it while i make it.

As I grow my ministry with Temple of the Sacred Heart Church, this honey is supporting me and my journey. Since there are MAGICK mushrooms in there, then we must utilize this honey as Holy Sacrament. This is the food of the Gods. We must be respectful and honorable with the usage. For protection with the rights to Religious freedom we ask that you:




…Then come RIGHT back and finish the order form! It is short. <3 



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Peace, Love + Light~


Aiylah Valkyrie


Ordained Minister

Reiki Master Teacher

ERYT 500 Yoga 

Shamanic Practitioner



                   Aww! My first post after perfecting the formula!                                                                                                                  My very first batch!

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