Shamanic Sessions listed below.

Learn more about Kambo in this video;

Sapo The Great Frog Teacher

Kambo / Sapo Ceremony

Shamanic Healing Drum Journey

Extraction Healing

Soul Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval


Private Session, In Person or Video Chat

with Aiylah and Takata


A Discovery Chat

must be booked and held before sitting with

Kambo or Plant Medicine for the first time 

with Temple Sacred Heart Church.

Shamanic Drum Journey Sessions:

Power Animal Retrieval 

Soul Retrieval 

Extraction Healing 

*Details below


Travel available within the US or Hawaii:

We offer Kambo small group sessions on site at your location, retreat center or studio.

Book a Discovery Chat to discuss your location, intention and details of the group that you would like us to serve.


If you are attending in person on our location:

Lodging options  may be available, if you are interested in staying overnight the day before or after your Ceremony. You will be totally fine to drive home that day, Kambo is non psychedelic and legal in all 50 states. Aiylah and Takata serve Hapé and Sananga during your ceremonial experience, learn more in the videos below.


Extraction Healing Drum Journey 

or Soul Coaching Body Reading 

Extraction Healing Ceremony with Aiylah and Takata


Extraction Healing Drum Journey with Aiylah:

This is a Shamanic deep healing session where you go into meditation while relaxing on the mat Aiylah does a Drum Journey and with her Guides and Power Animals, she searches your energy field for anything that is out of resonate. She receives messages from your and her Guides. Next, she will use the info and perform a safe and enjoyable session using drums, rattles and other traditional Shamanic Healing tools to extract what  needs to be removed Spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. This powerful healing session takes place in studio on a comfortable palate on the floor with plenty of blankets and pillows for your comfort.
You will relax while she journeys to find information about areas of your body, energy field, and emotional body that may need or require something to be removed and healed. When we return from our meditation and Aiylah returns from the journey, she will Utilize her shamanic healing tools to extract whatever needs to be removed and let go of. Lastly, she works with Divine Light to replace what was removed with Pure Agape Love and beautiful white light energy straight from Christ consciousness and your highest good. This is a very simple, relaxing and extremely powerful process. On some occasions we also do Reiki healing. 


Soul Coaching Extraction Healing with Body Reading and Reiki with Aiylah and Takata

In this session you are on a massage table and Takata will work physically on 3-4 different areas of your body where you feel stuck or blocked. She will do some deep Soul Coaching while using massage and Body Reading techniques. 

While you are on the table, Aiylah will be working on your Energy, Emotional and Etheric bodies, using Drums, Rattles, Gong, Singing Bowls and other sound healing tools. She also channels Light Language and divine messages from your Guides. 

Some sessions she will pull cards and give you further messages. This is a very intense participatory Ceremony and is usually about 2 hours. 



Soul Retrieval 

75-90 minutes.

Plus extra time for tea and Coaching session while journaling.
This is one of the most powerful processes and sessions that Lisa ‘Aiylah’ offers, as we journey through life times and time in space, while you were in a deep relaxing meditation. During that time you will be lying on a pallet on the floor in listening to drumming. Leisa will journey for you and retrieve information about your lifetime. When she returns she will give you all of the downloads. Upon completion of the journey, you will be led to journal about all of the information that Lisa shared with you. In addition, and most importantly, you will receive ‘pieces’ of your Self, your Soul, which are brought back into the now moment from your Guides. This is an amazing and integral process so that you can live your life with your whole Self, finding yourself at your happiest and most complete that you may have felt in decades. So much Love. This is a session that helps people become  fully at HOME in their body and feel ‘complete’.

Power Animal Retrieval

This session involves a safe and enjoyable meditative journey while she does Shamanic drumming. You will traveling into deep meditation. Together, while in meditation she will ask your Guides to send your Power Animal to us and she will intercede the Spirit world to obtain any information that may be awaiting for you.

She will return from the meditation with detailed information from your Spirit Guides and your Power Animals including their name(s), how they are here to serve you and how they have supported you throughout your life. This is very fun and extremely lighthearted. The power animals are our allies and they are excited to be known! When you are are ready they will appear! After the session, you can continue to work with them on your own.

At the end of the session, she may also use Power animal oracle cards to confirm or clarify any messages.

What is Hapé (or Rapeh)? Watch the video below.

What is Sananga, Sacred Plant Medicine Eye Drops? Watch this video.

Need a House/Land Clearing and Blessing?

Book a Discovery Chat with Aiylah.


Aiylah Valkyrie is a Shamanic Practitioner, Ordained Minister and Reiki Master Teacher and works directly with the Angelic realm. She will come to your home to clear and cleanse the energy in your space and land. Aiylah works with the Light of Christ Consciousness to clear out dark energy and balance out whatever does not resonate. She works with your Guides and the Directions, the Elements and your land for you and your family’s Highest Good. She completed the session by calling in blessings from your Guides and Angels.

2 hours on site, each case is personalized to suit your needs. 
DFW area no extra charge, on location, add travel expenses. If a White Sage bundle is used for your home it will be left with you for your personal use; add $12 please. 

Love Donation to Temple Sacred Heart Church, asking $222-$333.

Home Blessing and Clearing in the local DFW area, travel included.

Will travel to serve. Book a chat to discuss.

Travel available with paid expenses, flights or and mileage.