Get to know Takata

Jamie ‘Takata’ Ray

Shamanic Practitioner

Reiki Master

500 RYT

She is an intuitive empathic visionary, DJ SunRay, since the 1990’s, massage therapist, yoga therapy instructor, and sound healer.


Takata’s yoga journey began in early 2000. 


She empowers her clients to achieve balance within the 4 bodies utilizing Shamanic drums, rattles, voice, and other instruments. In her work she blends life coaching, yoga therapy, Reiki, massage and energy work.

She is a facilitator for Inner Goddess Retreats and offers Ceremony with Sacred Plant Medicine through Temple of the Sacred Heart church. She is a clear channel bringing through messages of sacred Light Language from Source.   


When we listen to our heart it guides us where to go. When we release our tension, stress, fear, pain and trauma, we are free to step fully into Love and follow our Heart’s guidance, thus embodying and becoming our highest version of Self.


As an answer to “The Call ” to create a sacred space of healing and co-creation she founded Divine Sight Healing Arts Center in Dallas in 2014 and co-founded Temple of the Sacred Heart, non profit church in 2020. 


Takata has been guided to hold space for others in their journey, to help be a bridge in the Ascension process. Becoming a psychonaut at the age of 16, her journey has guided her to work closely with Plant Medicine for further growth of Self and to assist others. She in-joys creating playlists and DJ mixes for many of the sacred ceremonial aspects of life. She shares much of her personal journey and experiences openly on her Divine Sight YouTube channel. 


Her home life consists of being in Divine union with her Twin Flame and partner, Aiylah. They have 2 dogs, a cat, and a fu<k ton of plants.  Her daughter, age 19, now in her first apartment, and is a passionate animal lover, digital artist and writer. Her son, age 15, is an unconformed student of life, a foodie and aspiring chef who loves nature. She also has two bonus children born of her Divine partner, her son, 24, serving in the US Navy. Her daughter, 19, is a college student and horse lover. 


In her own words:

“It comes back to walking my own truth. My truth is that my life path journey has been joined by the love I have been seeking and waiting for all of my lives, my twin, the yin to my yang, the Shakti to my Shiva. The activation within Self brought on by this Union has led me to and beyond my Highest Self. Finding oneness within, only to find the next step to be one within union with Other. I am a medicine woman working in both Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. I have walked and continue to walk my guided Sacred Path, sharing my Truth to be expressed into the world.”



IG @divinesight_sunray

FB: Divine Sight Shamanic Sound Healing and Coaching

YouTube Divine Sight

YouTube Temple of the Sacred Heart

Inner Goddess Retreats, Inc. Mission Statement:

We offer a sacred and safe space for women, virtually and in person, to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world.


Divine Sight Healing Session

Body Guidance Yoga + Soul Coaching with Sound Healing in Savasana

Our body can be our Guidance system, when we learn to tune in and listen. This is how we tap into our Highest Self. Explore the depths of your four bodies through physical movement, emotional release techniques, and mental coaching and empowerment from Takata during the practice. Finish in a deep Galactic Spiritual connection with hand pan Shamanic drumming. 


  • Divine Sight Plant Medicine Retreat Ceremony
  • Inner Goddess Retreats in Texas
  • Destination Retreats in Hawaii, South America and Egypt
  • Explore Your Body Yoga
  • Sound Therapy
  • DJ SunRay, since 1994, specializing in Organic Multicultural Tribal Shamanic World Beat Chill Psy Electro 


Private Sessions:

  • Life Soul Coaching
  • Therapeutic Massage with Energy Work
  • Sound Healing 
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Extraction Healing

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