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Aiylah’s Offerings at Sounds of the Soul Tulum, Mexico

Sacred Sexuality of the Union Within 

Wild Wombyn Re-claimation!!! Our Divine Union is in the Self. When we first dive into our Sacred Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within our own being we then uncover the Truth of Who We Are. We are ONE, and through the Orgasmic Bliss of the Universe we merge with Source. These pathways are Sacred to the Shakti Circuit and we will Re-Activate the Sacred Shakti with in our Divine Feminine Energy. Then we will discuss the Gates, the Ankh within the Orgasmic Energy, our Cosmic Portal, and the juicy deliciousness of the Yoni and all her Pussy Pleasure.. It is about be-ing Resourceful to re-connecting to Source. We are meant to re-member. We are merging the Timelines! We are here to fully accept our ability to THRIVE! 


The Egyptian Teachings of Isis

Channeled Messages from The Divine through Aiylah’s experience through her Twin Flame Journey. Primary teachers in this lineage are Isis/Osiris and Horus, Ramses/Nefatari, Mother Hathor/The Sun God Ra and Sekhmet/Ptah. Messages are brought through the energy of the Sacred Union of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. 

She is bringing teachings directly from the Chakras of the Nile, and the Temple of Philae, The Great Pyramid King’s and Queen’s Chamber, the Egyptian Temples of Dendera, Abydos, and the Sphinx. Additional messages from Divine Mother Mary, Nuut, Hecate, Venus, the Blue Lotus and the Crocodile.

Sounds of the Soul

Priestess Retreat

Tulum, Mexico

Eco Resort on the Mayan Rivera

11/9-13, 23


Who is Sounds of the Soul for…

Sounds of the Soul is calling in new earth guardian leaders who are Priestess, Goddesses, queens, temptress, leaders, high achievers, and all the magical beings as we come together in our divine remembrance and activate our light code in our DNA in our bodies and on mama Gia activating the grids of consciousness for our planet:)! 

Sounds of the Soul is for action takers, dream makers, and Earth shakers. 


Sounds of the Soul is for those who have been putting yourself in a box and  trying to fit in and you are not meant to fit in because you are here to expand our planet and pave a new way by connecting with your inner child and staying in your BIg play:)! 

Sounds of the soul is for those who are internally ready to peal back the layers, and let go of the old story that’s been holding you back and having you believe in any judgment and lack.  

Sounds of the soul is a place where you take off the mask you have been hiding behind, and shed all the lies you’ve believed in as you stand powerfully in your authentic Truth that lives inside you! 

Sounds of the Soul is a place that allows you to be your full authentic expression of you so your soul, can shine fully through:)! 

Where you are held, loved, seen, and heard in the highest light of you by the divine mirrors of yourself, and be fully supported through sisterhood for your dreams and visions igniting your sacred 🔥  of all your hearts desires :)! 

Sounds of the Soul is for powerful women to remember and fully be in your INpowerment and reclaim the divine within you as you INbrace the wholeness and fullness of who and what you are and shine your light bright :)!! 

Sounds of the soul is a place of zero jealousy because we celebrate and elevate together,  seeing each other in the highest light and see the divine mirrors of ourselves in one another, and we light up witnessing our sisters shine and share our gifts, because your gifts are meant to be shared! 

Sounds of the Soul anchoring in our sound soul, sound mind, and sound body where we fully remember our value and worth and we birth in our new earth :)!! 

Sounds of the Soul allows us to be the ripple affect, that creates tidal waves and shifts paradigms for all of creation. 

Sounds of the Soul allows you to go through the meta-Morphis process and be the butterfly for the butterfly effect while you are being nourished as your flourish in the most magnificent ways in all areas of your life!! 

So, my question for you is, how does this feel in your body when you hear what I shared?

If you are a full body heaven FUCK yes then sign up today and seCure your spot and experience profound miraculous shifts and watch the miracles appear as you takeoff the mask and see with your NEWClear vision!

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