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Welcome, siSTAR or Bro-thar of the Light! I am so happy to connect with you here.

Our Yoga 4 Love motto is ‘Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change’ since 2008.

I show up as a clear and pure channel of Light for the Angelic, Goddess Isis and the Divine Feminine/Masculine energies of Sofia/Christ consciousness. I am a Reiki Master, Yogini and Shamanic Practitioner. I teach Intuitive Vinyasa Yoga, do Guided Reiki, draw Tarot and Angel Card on the New and Full Moon. I give you updates on the Ascension and offer Astrology updates, card Readings, as well as teachings on the Goddess. Often I am streaming LIVE at Inner Goddess Retreats teaching Intuitive Vinyasa Yoga, or speaking Truth as Source guides me to do.

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Join me with the Goddess Tribe of like minded souls!

My ‘why’ is to empower women to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world, so that they may live a life of vitality, time and financial freedom, adventure, joy and magick.

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