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A Bittersweet Prophecy

Today is a very significant day for me in many ways. Firstly, my Nana would have been 106 today, a Virgo like myself, I learned the ways from her of the Earth so much of the seasons and the rhythms of life in the foothills of Colorado.

Secondly, 3 years ago today our house burned, right after a festival weekend hosting at the DFW free day of yoga, as I was getting ready to celebrate at my studio I got the phone call from my son who opened the interior garage door to a backdraft of flame. My beautiful cat, Princess Cleo was saved from smoke inhalation and spent 10 days in ICU and is my meditation companion yet today…. we lost Ming, the Siamese. Since then Spirit has turned my life completely around, in my path, my purpose and my service to this world yet again, similar to the passing of my mother, but more intimate.

Lastly, my heart aches for my boy… and the loss of my parents who’s walked before me in the path, for the need for a phone call that only a mother or grandmother would know…. who son is on his own, 16 hours away, becoming a man. Bittersweet. In the paraphrased words of The Red Tent, “the difficulties in life are like the knots on a fine necklace; they are necessary to hold the beaded jewels.”

Life keeps moving. We must stay in complete flow of something much greater, by tapping into our Source daily, hourly, minute by minute we can know our purpose.

Today I looked into a pool of water as I was filling my horses trough, I asked Spirit who was that woman I saw who was that was staring back at me? The answer was as clear as the water. This woman has the eyes of Lydia, her nana, the heart of positivity of service as her mother, Lorene, and the perseverance in her career as her father, Duane, the wisdom of her grandmother, Edna, and the path of a great healer, writer, and the legacy of a global teacher.