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Full Moon, Goodbye Sweet Cherry Flame~ Surrender Our Burdens to Great Spirit

Today is just a personal blog, as I am committed to sending you the moon news, I am also sharing where I am at today. My beloved sweet girl, my Cavalier King Charles spaniel Cherry Flame went to be in the Light yesterday…

In the last 24 hours I am literally make the very final citations and edits on my book, got voted into a role leading the DFW Free Day of Yoga and am literally about to birth this huge book baby thorough… then my sweet girl left the Earth plane. She has been the shadow by my heel for 10 years… We placed my little friend’s earthy body to rest in the Earth at sunset, upon the moonrise Thursday night overlooking the waterfall where she loved to swim and chase the fish.

Here is a link to her story and photos in our Global Goddess Group.

This moon seems to really be shaking shit up. Many friends have seen close loved ones pass and then the glorious news of my great long time friend Connie being cancer free! So many yin and yang energies. All huge!
What does this mean?
I am going to share some wisdom from a fellow Shamanic Practitioner, Lena of the Power Path, that I love… as today I simply don’t have the words:

For the astrological news, lets learn from Patricia Lilies today:
Let yourself be called into the watery realms of this Pisces/Virgo window. Pisces is calling you to the dream state.
Virgo helps us adapt to new circumstances whether they are new expansions or new limitations.
Virgo is the Queen of analyzing the current environment or resources, and bringing to bear her keen discrimination of what needs to be eliminated and streamlined to refine and bring order and efficiency into her office, home, schedule, wardrobe, life.
Virgo brings to our awareness the sacred balance of body/mind/spirit. She, in her feminine earthiness, can inspire you to shift your health habits and your thinking about healing in a quantum way refining and focusing your self-healing and self-renewal abilities.
At Virgo Moon you can show deep respect for your miraculous body with movement, dance, yoga, stretching, working out as a prayer to its magnificent service to you.
Call on your Virgo Queen to bring all your disparate parts into working order, to reorganize your health and diet habits as well as your work, day-to-day routines, the clutter that keeps you from being efficient and orderly and on your game.

Pisces helps us surrender our attachment to the physical plane so we can better access our soul’s intention and guidance from the invisible world. One teaching indigenous people embody and share in their rituals and daily lives is the ability to turn over guilt, burdens and sufferings to higher power ~ a profound and simple act that western cultures seem to lack and therefore, unnecessarily carry physical, mental and emotional loads in their daily lives.

Use this Full Moon to surrender our hearts, our minds, our burdens to Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky.
Our task is not guilt or suffering, but gratitude.

Last night I sat in gratitude, in the freaking amazing energy of our Lunar Mother Moon. I invite you to sit with whatever burdens which you may carry. Sit with it in the healing moonlight until you can shift it into a place of being grateful for it. It is a practice. This practice alone will shift your human experience.



Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware
Yoga 4 Love

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