Happy New Year! Happy 2020!!!

It is a new decade today, and so much has transpired for me. Thank you so much for your support in all ways. It means so much to me. 

My life has been one serendipitous moment after another and I keep saying YES to life! I made a decision to stand fully in my truth. It was SUPER SCARY. I now wear My Painted Face every day, I show up and speak to the teachings that Spirit has for me to share with the world. I am committed to Walking in the Beauty Way, in alignment with all the Creatures of this world, and especially Mother Earth, Gaia.

These teachings partner with my yogic path. The Painted Face is a Native American teaching meaning that when we receive life lessons and teachings, truth and Vision we ‘paint it on our face’, as in the old ways. We only wear the paint of our Truth at all times. And when we wear our Truth we are walking with Spirit and our Ancestors; we are walking our Sacred Path. We cannot wear someone else’s paint (our gifts are ours alone and we are here to discover and share them). We must create our own life lessons, and also be in Stillness so we can learn, listen and receive from Great Spirit. 

In what ways are you ready to walk your Truth?

I am sure you are not the same you were 10 years ago! 

Just think about where you were, take the time to reflect and praise yourself for the amazing human you are becoming!

Get out a new Journal! Start to write. 

Here are some prompts:


  • What are you doing to align yourself with your Truth and Highest Good? 
  • How are you making yourself available for Spirit to use you in service, Karma Yoga and SEVA?
  • What do you want your life to look like in 10 years from now?
    • 5 years?
    • 1 year?
  • What about next month? (Every marathon begins with a single step in the right direction. We can take many steps, but do they get us toward the finish line? Look at your trajectory. Then take that out 10 years… whoa!)
    • Are you going to land where you intend? 
    • Do you know where you want to land in life in each role you hold? 
  • Make a 10 year goal for each of these categories, if that is too much make a 1 year goal:
    • Relationships
    • Spiritual Life
    • Career (one for each job)
    • Community
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Health/Physical
    • Self Care/Mental
    • Financial
    • Fun/Play/Adventure

I keep a planner with each of these tabs. I update them every New Year. I call it my Dream Life Notebook Life Journaling Workshop. You can take the workshop with the FREE PDF, download here

Life is intentional! EVERY SINGLE ACTION has a ripple effect. Every butterfly’s wings affect a tiny amount of air, and that in turn creates this ripple effect. 

Do you tread on Mother Earth as if you are literally walking barefoot on her bosom?

What did your 2010-2019 Big Rocks consist of? Good and bad, difficult and awesome?

Get out a legal pad or your phone notes and sit with this. I would love to share my journaling from New Year’s Eve with you, read on or just jump off and do your own!

Remember to download the 

FREE PDF Dream Life Notebook Life Journaling Workshop


My Big Rocks:

  • 2010: Became a Reiki Master Teacher
  • 2011: Opened my first studio
    • Began teaching at National Yoga Conferences and Festivals
  • 2012: Started my 200 Hour Teacher Training
    • Co-Founded One Yoga USA Conference + Music Festival
  • 2014: Bought our two horses
    • Received teachings from Kali Ma in the form of a major house fire
    • Closed studio
  • 2015: Rebuilt our dream house 
    • Founded Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin on the same sacred land, opening on Earth Day
    • Began the Online Certification 200 and 500 RYT 
    • My Dad crossed over
  • 2016: Started Inner Goddess Retreats on our Sacred Land
    • Our son graduated High School
    • Started my Shamanic Practitioner Training
    • Revamped the website to add the online course
    • Celebrated 10 Years on the Board with DFW Free Day of Yoga, non profit
  • 2017: Became an Ordained Minister
    • Our son joined the US Navy and went to bootcamp
    • Held Y4L’s first Yoga Retreat in Hawaii
    • Bought land in Hawaii
    • Became President of DFW FDOY
  • 2018: Published my book Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle
    • My favorite dog crossed over 
  •  2019: My Mother In Love crossed over
    • Our son graduated Power School in the US Navy and got promoted as a Nuclear Engineer Operator
    • Refined the online 200 and 500 RYT Course to be mobile friendly and so awesome!
    • Led our first big Hawaii Inner Goddess Retreat 
    • Learned to surf
    • Completed my 5th Shamanic Training
    • Learned to spin fire
    • Our daughter made varsity basketball and got a solo in the choir concert
    • Led 2 Texas 3 Day Intensive Retreats
    • Hired our OMAZNG Team Y4L Staff:
      • Anna
      • Mia
      • Amanda
      • Desiree
      • Alana
    • Our non profit, and my Board of Directors hosted the largest free round robin yoga class in TX at the Held the 13th Annual Dallas Yoga Festival!
    • My favorite cat crossed over
    • More than quadrupled our Training Program and Retreats
    • Enrolled students from NY to CA, Ohio to CO and states in between!
    • Held the first Winter Solstice Meditation + Yoga Summit in conjunction with Free Yoga community leaders all over USA
    • and finally 12/31/19 found a new baby girl kitten, rounding out our fam as the 9th animal 🙂


Finishing up my eBook, Yoga 4 Love’s Big Book of Yoga Poses: Asana 101, 201 and 301, with full color photos from yoginis all over the world in our trainings. 

All of this leading to this NEW DECADE!

I cannot wait to see where we go with this path! 

Let’s do this, goddess!


You are an OMAZING soul and I look forward to connecting this year in a beautiful way. 


Peace, Love, Light,

Lisa Ware

Visionary Vixen

Executive Director 

Yoga 4 Love