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Have you noticed the energy seeming to quicken lately?

Happy Super Full Moon!!! It seems to me, and many light workers that I talk to, that the energy of our intention manifests almost immediately! I am continually surprised and delighted to the abundance flowing into my life in all ways! Let me give you some examples of how you can bring abundance and manifestation into your life!
First, want to share my personal journey of my full moon sadhana. A Sadhana is a practice held with intention for a period of time, and if it is held ritually or in a space of consistency for an intended period it is called a Sankalpa. So this practice I have held is a Sankalpa that I began at least 4 years ago. Many moons! I have for many years held respect for yogis who can stand in Tadasana, Mountain pose, and drop back to Wheel pose, Urdhva Dhanurasana, with such bravery and seeming ease. So, many years ago, to continually challenge myself and face my fear (fear is False Evidence Appearing Real) I committed to begin a full moon practice of learning to drop back. At first I really had to sit with it to even get brave enough to attempt it. You see, it is not the strength that is lacking, I could do Wheel from the ground up, and of course I could stand in Mountain pose. However, when you simply fall backwards onto the earth without looking and landing on your hands it seemed daunting, to say the least.
So I began to drop back onto a hillside, so the fall was not so far. Then I began to drop back onto less of a hill. (Don’t drop back onto a folding lawn chair, not a good idea). Every full moon I would go outside, gaze at the moon in gratitude, gathering beauty and letting go. Then I would just do it.
Surprisingly it really is not that far back! The next thing I began to notice was that my arms were much stronger that I thought, and as long as my elbows did not bend too much I would not fall out!
Remember, this sadhana is a once a month practice, so it has taken a long time to see documentable progress. But in yoga slow and steady wins the race!
Then, I began to try to pop back up into Tadasana from Wheel. Sometimes I would fall onto the ground and get leaves in my hair. Sometimes wet rainy grass on my jammies, or even ice and snow~ and sometimes I would land and not really prep well to come up and fall into Bridge. Yet the moon, she calls!! And ohhh, those dreamy summer full moonlit nights. I stand with the back of my heart to the moon, just receiving, heart and arms wide open, mmm…

Many times I did this practice right before bed because I would all of a sudden remember, ‘Oh my!!! It’s the full moon and I havent done my backbend!!!’ So I run out full monty and just do it!!! This last month I even forgot and it was sooo cold in Texas, but I did it anyway when it was 11 degrees out, and guess what? I was naked!!! That LITERALLY was the world’s fastest drop back!!!
It was exhilarating to say the least! My hubby thinks I am a bit crazy, and you may too. We all are!
My point in sharing this is to say that sometimes you may land in horse poop, but GET UP and keep doing your practice. Daily tiny bits of progress don’t seem like a lot, but when jump 4 years ahead and see yourself looking back 52 moons…. where can you see yourself?
One of the most important ways to develop abundance is to create Self time to connect to Source. This daily time consists of spiritual and physical practices that enhance your own energy and help you to connect to something Greater than your self. This is called a Sadhana. As the Great Ram Dass stated, everything is Sadhana. This means living in total flow with Oneness, connection to Divine Goddess, or however you see that connection
To learn how about Sadhana and how to apply this to your life READ MY ARTICLE HERE.
For more ideas on creating abundance in your own life study and read the Law of Attraction by
Abraham-Hicks. (This also is a life long practice. but the more you learn and apply it the faster things manifest!)

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Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware

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