Yoga 201~ Intuitive Vinyasa with Lisa Ware

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This flowing style class links the fundamental asanas (poses) of Yoga linking body, mind, breath and Spirit
This style is called Intuitive Vinyasa Flow Yoga as it is traditional vinyasa downloaded with the Divine Feminine flow for this changing time. Lisa Ware takes you through the basic alignment personalized modifications for your body type, level and ability, offering each pose in stages (kramas).
Prana, the life force energy is accessed through a flow of yoga poses directly linked to the breath. Yoga is to link, in this style of yoga we incorporate Shamanic teachings focusing on connection to the elements and our chakras.

We start with breath work (pranayama) and setting our intention. The flow focuses on Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), Warrior series, Twists, Back bending and an intro to arm balances and inversions. Lisa sets the tone of class with conscious music, delivering a powerful yoga practice experience .

Feel refreshed and balanced ending in a final relaxation or crystal bowls with Reiki in Savasana.

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