Reiki Level 11 Workshop + Attunement with Lisa Ware Reiki Master Teacher

In-Studio Yoga Class

Yoga4Love Studio Cabin
Ovilla, Texas

November 9, 201810:00 am
November 9, 20184:00 pm
Reiki 2 Training and Attunement Ceremony with Lisa Ware

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Review the lineage of Usai Reiki and how to use this gentle and powerful energy for yourself and your family. We will conduct the training and attunement ceremony + meditation Sunday afternoon. You will learn the symbols and how to utilize this energy if you wish to use it in a professional setting, as well as distance healing.

An attunement involves a ‘reopening’ or strengthening an existing channel to our enlightened selves (our Soul/Spirit/Higher Self), that part of us that which is always and completely connected to the Source/God All-That-Is. The Spiritual empowerment that takes place during the attunement is just that-it empowers a part of our spirit-Reiki- which we did not consciously know how to access before, so that we become aware of it for the first time and can begin to use it. Once a person has been ‘attuned’ in this way, they will always be able to access it easily and simply by just intending to use it for self-healing or for healing others. There are no complicated rituals to follow. Energy follows thought, so simply thinking that you want to use Reiki is what ‘switches it on.’ – Excerpt from ‘Self-Healing with Reiki by Penelope Quest.

Scholarships and internships available, and this is solely a love donation basis energy exchange, so if this is uncomfortable for you please contact Lisa. If you have questions please set up a free mini video chat to discuss anything on your heart:

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