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I am passionate about inspiring healthy living and my deep burning desire is to transform and to empower the lives of others, especially women. I am an E-RYT 500 with over 7K of hours teaching, a Reiki Master Teacher and currently am Executive Director of my online yoga training 200 and 300 hour programs.
I am an avid blogger and writer, and currently finishing my first book. I am a mom of two teens, my son is 18, and is in the US NAVY in the Nuclear Engineer program. My 14 year old daughter is a fun-loving athlete. I am also a happy wife of my partner Richard since 1992. For fun you can find me hanging outdoors, meditating, playing with our 5 dogs and 2 cats or working with our 2 horses. I loves spending time doing in the garden, doing outdoor yoga, hanging with Richard and doing Acro yoga . I really enjoy baking, cooking and blogging my healthy and gluten free recipes and green smoothies. Im my leisure I spend time writing yoga trainings and blogging. We have a flock of chickens and also 2 aeroponic tower gardens. My personal daily quiet time is super important. It is vital to me to daily hold a space for connection to Goddess/Source and my Angels.
My work is to helping people through life and nutrition coaching, yoga and reiki. Through my tools I share they begin to learn how to focus on optimal health and wellness with a holistic approach. I empower others to enrich their lives through learning ways to find their authentic mind/body/Spirit connection. Personally I am continually finding a way to connect to Source. My latest accreditation is learning to be a Shamanic Practitioner.
I love to bring people together for Highest Good. I am a nature girl at heart, and an ocean lover, however, I am originally a Rocky Mountain girl from Colorado; a granola tree hugger!
My mission is: Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change!
I am greatly motivated by the role models of my mother’s positivity through an 8 year battle with cancer and through her father’s journey through cancer.
I look for daily opportunities to facilitates a space for healing, transformation and connection to the White Light of Christ, the Divine Source, for myself, my kids, pets, students and the planet.
I am inspired to bring consciousness, beauty and love to the world through my daily living and right actions.
Peace, Love + Light.
My journey stemmed from learning Reiki in 2001 when my mom was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer.  In 2008 I founded Yoga 4 Love in honor of her mom’s journey with breast cancer.
It was very difficult to learn how to let go, I am still in that process. It has been since 2008 that my mom crossed over and 2015 that my dad left the Earth plane. I focus on my connection to Mother Earth, and pour a lot of energy into creating a legacy through my writing, my online trainings and the lives I help change with whole food nutrition.
Here is the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Mission Statement:
Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change, through the Vinyasa yoga teachings, principles and yogic lifestyle. Bringing Knowledge, Empowerment, Love, Harmony, Truth, Awareness, Well-Being, Appreciation, Joy, Peace, Light, Consciousness and Oneness with Divine Source.
My company is a fully accredited yoga school online! We offer streaming audio, video, lecture and interactive webinars and workshops as well as private coaching and private lessons via video chat. The Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Online school stemmed from my in studio school. After a life event, a major house fire, I knew that my priorities needed to change. I had developed my curriculum and was spending way too many nights and weekends out of my schedule to teach. I was only reaching just a handful of students in the Dallas area. I felt a true a need to bring the teachings of yoga globally, out into the world! I wanted or the students and myself to have plenty of balance in work, family and spiritual life throughout the training. I have created a training that does not require extra time to get away for weekends on end, to have to take off work or book extended retreats do the yoga training.
Many ask so, ‘What makes Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Unique?’
Many people are interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor but struggle to find the time to attend scheduled classes and retreats. Yoga 4 Love offers a comprehensive and fully interactive, guided training that you can navigate online at your own pace.
Our teacher certification programs are designed to extend beyond the realm of a typical yoga education. We focus on lifestyle enhancement. Many students enroll in the program with no initial intention to teach, but rather to grow personally, to integrate healthy mind, body and spirit practices into their daily lives.
The style we teach is called Intuitive Vinyasa. Intuitive Vinyasa is a yoga practice or class taught with the traditional elements of a vinyasa flow, the movement of Prana, the connection to Source and the mindfulness of being present with and for our Self and the ones whom we are teaching.
It is the ability to utilize the tools of Yogic truth and bring these teachings intuitively into the present now moment, with relevance to the mind-body connection. It is a way of life, moving with the breath, using the body as an expression of art, and a deep personal connection to Spirit. Trainees learn the to practice with energy, the elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, as well acknowledgement of the four directions, our ancestors and our lineage.
The Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs are a fully interactive, guided training with included Texas retreat. The program is available to you 24/7/365. Enjoy audio and video classes with a global community of yogis. We focus on traditional vinyasa and yogic lifestyle to integrate mind, body and spirit practices.
I have learned from many, many of the masters in yoga and energy work, and am blessed to say I have well over 1000 Hours in yoga training.
My biggest cheerleader is my husband, and he also teaches yoga. He is my supporter and my best friend.
I am a seasoned national yoga conference presenter. I have emceed and hosted for many Texas yoga community events including the inception of yoga at Earth Day Dallas 2012-13. I co-founded Dallas’s first Yoga Conference and am Emeritus Co-Vice President for DFW Free Day Of Yoga.