Mindfulness + Holistic Living

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Arlington Library

Southeast Branch
900 SE Green Oaks Blvd
 Arlington TX 76018

Feb. 2, 9, 16


Join Lisa in fun and interactive lectures and workshops on Mindfulness + Holistic Living as she takes you on a path to less stress and a healthy lifestyle. She will share applicable tools which she has discovered, learned and developed on her life long journey through her passions: being in nature; plant based nutrition and clean eating; practicing yoga, energy work and meditation.

Lisa incorporates a daily practice of quiet time and mindfulness. She utilizes many techniques, many of which she will share with you in the workshop. You can utilize these tools while preparing food, meditating and in yoga, as well as in the every day moments in all your roles of daily life. Whether you are a mom, dad, pet owner, daughter, co-worker, entrepreneur or wife you will gain basic ways for slowing down, relieving stress, managing your energy and your calendar and ultimately your choices. You will be supplied with resources and handouts on become more intentional in mindful living, as well as receive coaching tips on how to go about creating space for what you love and how to have more joy in your life!